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Social Worker-Social workers are there to help vulnerable children and young people and their families this might include children on the child protection register or disabled children. Speech and language therapist- Speech and language therapists help children overcome problems. They help children gain the ability to use language, this helps children gain confidence and self-esteem because they can now express themselves. Psychologist- A Psychologist is a professional who helps support children who have learning or behavioural difficulties.

They provide teachers and practitioners with support programmes for that child once they have identified the child’s needs. Psychiatrist- Psychiatrists are a doctor who is trained in Mental health problems this person works alongside other professionals to help diagnose or support children and young people with mental health problems. Specialist nurse- A special nurse support for the family and child especially if that child suffers from medical conditions that need specialist care.

Also health visitors come under this title for measuring and assessing a child’s development Additional learning support(e. . support in the classroom)Additional learning support staff works within and outside schools providing a range of services to help children who have certain specific educational needs. Physiotherapist A Physiotherapist helps children who have little or no movement to reach their full potential. Assistive technology (e. g. computer programmes, speech recognition device, hearing aid)- Assistive technology enables children with disabilities to participate more fully in all aspects of life.

Assistive technology also increases a child’s opportunities. Assistive technology is a tool to help the student benefit from the general education curriculum and access extra-curricular activities at home, school etc. Health visitor- Health visitors are registered nurses or midwifes that provide advice and support on a range of different problems. They can also give information on local services that are available.

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