Education and Marriage

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Marriage is an important part of life. Education is also important. When it comes to marriage, choosing a mate with or without education is important. With an educated mate the marriage will be happier and more fulfilling. With a non-educated mate the marriage will be filled with problems and tension. First of all I wouldn’t marry someone without a college education because they wouldn’t be on my intellectual level. By going to college you are building upon the education you received prior to coming. While in college you are taught skills that will help you in your future endeavors.

By not having a degree you are missing out on those skills taught exclusively in college. Also by not going to college your intellectual level would be sub-standard to someone who has graduated from college. My second reason why I wouldn’t marry someone who doesn’t hold a degree is financially there will be problems. With a college degree you are allowing yourself to work in a variety of well paying jobs. By having these jobs you will be bringing in more than your spouse. By not having a college degree you are limiting your access to certain jobs.

Also you are limited for career advancement. By having limited access to both jobs and career advancement you are minimizing your earning capability. My final reason why I wouldn’t marry a non-degree holding person is the overall problems the marriage will have. Some of these problems include family tension, judgment by society and family and high divorce rates. Family may give the unworthy spouse the cold shoulder and not include them in family events. Society might think that the less educated person is a gold digger.

The couple themselves might have difficulties resolving their issues on different beliefs. All these factors could lead to divorce. Also it would be hard talking to your kids about continuing their education since one of their parents didn’t continue theirs. The reasons stated are good reasons why I wouldn’t marry a non-degree holding person. There may be more reasons but the ones I chose are important to me. There may be people who disagree with me after reading this. Those people are entitled to their opinions just like I was. In my opinion marriage and education go hand in hand.

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