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Any work like this credit must goes to multiple people. Over the years, many instructor of Independent University, Bangladesh in the academic career, have provided us valuable insights into the management and human resource management department, through their discussions and various classes. This is our humble effort to present gratitude in writing this “case study” which we have truly drawn upon our own opinion as a student of BBA.

First and for most, we are indebted to Mr. Latiful Khabir, our course instructor of Introduction to Human Resource Management (HRM301), for his generous guidance throughout the work. His outstanding support, faith in us, and inspiration for this project, was a tower of strength in putting the pieces together and an unfailing source of cheer and encouragement. We are deeply indebted to the authors whose book we have consulted in preparing this treatise. Finally we would like to add a few more words saying that this plan is prepared by novice and naturally there could be unwilling errors and omission which are exclusively ours.

Better recruitment and selection strategies result in improved organizational outcomes. The more effectively organizations recruit and select candidates, the more likely they are to hire and retain satisfied employees. In this report a Danish entrepreneur research for selecting employee as a hiring COO and Country Manager. Employee Selection is the process of putting right men on right job. It is a procedure of matching organizational requirements with the skills and qualifications of people. Choosing a new COO and Country Manager is the most important job of a company’s board of directors.

No other decision has such a profound impact on a firm’s strategy and performance. The chief operations officer holds a primary management position in a business enterprise, particularly a corporation. COO Job description includes working closely with the CEO and other principle management staff members. The chief operations officer’s duties affect the profitability of the business. So we are trying to select two suitable candidates for interview from the seven applicants resume that we have received. Country Managers have many responsibilities.

They may be in charge of small to large teams, departments, an entire business or several locations in foreign country. The tasks performed including sales, marketing, operations, finance, manufacturing, and security. All these various sub sectors have different job requirements, skill sets and responsibilities. So we are trying to select two suitable candidates for interview from the seven applicants resume. Elucidation of Job selection A job selection test is a hiring tool commonly used by employers to vet prospective workers’ abilities.

It is viewed as a prequalification or pre-employment test that helps the employer determine if an applicant should be considered for an interview or offered a job. Importance of Selection in the Recruitment and Orientation Process Selection is the process that an organization uses to determine which job applicant will be the most successful in meeting the demands of the job or will fit well with the existing work groups and the culture of the organization. Poor selection procedures and processes lead to various unnecessary costs in the organization.

In the recruitment process, an organization hires the most suitable and qualified candidate — whether he is internal or external to the organization — to fill a job vacancy. Orientation deals with new employees assimilating into the organization. Reduce Applicant Numbers Recruitment attracts many applicants to a particular job, which may prove difficult to manage, but selection reduces applicants to a manageable number. Candidates who have applied for a job during the recruitment stage are screened in the selection stage. Those who prove suitable for the job are selected, and unsuitable ones are rejected. Assess Behavior

Selection gives managers an opportunity to assess potential employees’ character and personality. This ensures that only an employee with the most suitable personalities and skills is given the job. The organization takes particular notice of the personal flexibility and adaptability of a candidate, which assures that such an individual can adjust rapidly to the tough demands of the job. Low Employee Turnover Appropriate selection procedures applied in the recruitment process ensure that only the most qualified individual is chosen to fill a vacancy. Recruited employees who are satisfied with their jobs lead to a low employee turnover rate.

Employee retention is important to an organization, as the costs of hiring and training new employees are very high. The Time Dimension A good selection procedure saves time in the recruitment and orientation processes because the applicant is expected to have been introduced to some aspects of the organizational culture, such as the dress code. No time is wasted trying to inculcate the new recruit with various aspects of the organization’s culture and norms. The employee is given an adequate picture of what the new job entails, thus eliminating wasting time doing unnecessary chores that are not part of his job description.

Process of Job Selection has been shown co ncisely through diagram. Diagram: selection process Elucidation of COO The tasks in the COO Job description primarily depend on the type of company, whether a small firm or a big giant multinational. The job duties also depend on the kind of industry the company is carrying out business in; such as manufacturing, software development, financial management, etc. If it is a large company, there can be multiple COOs; with each handed over the responsibility of overseeing a separate division.

Generally, a COO, who can also be in the position of a President, has to report his work to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The responsibilities are mostly related to operations management in a company. He has to make sure that the product manufacturing is going fine, using the least possible resources, without compromising on the quality for consumer satisfaction. He has to be familiar with management theories such as business process reengineering and total quality management. As a COO is a key player in the top management, he has to participate in management meetings and give suggestions to improve policies and processes.

He has to conduct meetings to find out if all departments perform as per set targets and standards. He is also responsible for preparing and finalizing business strategies on a short term and long term basis. All corporate internal concerns are handled by the COO, whereas the CEO has to look after external matters. Duties and Responsibilities Some of the most important duties of this profession include the following. •Give suggestions and advise management for making key changes in planning of various issues and business decisions. •Plan the activities of various departments and discuss it with heads of every department.

Strategic planning forms the main component of this job. •Keep an eye on the quality control of various activities with regards to product manufacturing, etc. •Conduct regular meetings and sessions to make all department heads ensure that works are completed as per the priorities of the set tasks. •Ensure all works and activities comply with legal methods, general duty care and management. •Act as mediator for conflict resolution among various departments. •Set and assign operational goals for departments. Reward each department as a team after the targets is achieved.

Demonstrate competence in handling team building activities and motivating the teams to give quality performance. Elucidation of Country Manager A Country Manager works to represent a company in a foreign country. A Country Manager Job involves working to manage operations, develop business and increase profitability for a company in a specific region or country. Within corporate relocations and international removals, a Country Manager needs to have specialist skills and knowledge relating to this sector. A Country Manager Job would suit someone who enjoys a client facing role and the challenge of growing the business.

As a Country Manager, there is also the opportunity to travel and to really get to know the culture of the country that you are working in. Duties and Responsibilities * A Country Manager will be responsible for managing all operations within a country. This involves taking responsibility for profit, revenue, cash and quality targets. * In the Corporate Relocations and International Removals Sector, a Country Manager Job may include being in charge of many areas of the business such as moving services, global mobility and records management.

Agreeing annual budgets and producing a detailed annual business operating plan are tasks a Country Manager may have to deliver as well as monthly, quarterly or annual targets for revenue, profits and cash. * A key part of the role of Country Manger will be to produce business performance reports, which could be on a monthly or quarterly basis. * Country Managers are expected to recruit and manage staff, including performance monitoring, and possibly mentoring and training. * The role is client facing and so daily contact with clients is a big part of a Country Manager Job, therefore the ability to communicate effectively is essential.

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