Celebrities Do Not Have a Right to Privacy Essay

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Celebrities are famous people who earn a lot of money and live luxurious lives. They often have problems with paparazzi and journalists who always find out about their lives and chase them. Journalists think celebrities donā€™t have a right to privacy because however celebrities argue that they are normal people and therefore need privacy too. Thesis Statement:

This essay will argue that celebrities do not have a right to privacy because they receive a lot of benefits because of their fame and with this they can influence the public. Body Paragraph 1TopicSentence:Firstly, celebrities choose to be famous so paparazzi and photos are part of the life they chose. They could have been plumbers or teachers but they made a choice to live a public life. Details:To illustrate, part of the job of a celebrity is to go to parties and be on TV or in magazines, this is how they make money. Second Supporting reason: Furthermore, the celebrities should be happy with the paparazzi because they receive many benefits from their fame.

The more popular the celebrity is the more money they make, therefore the paparazzi help the celebrities. Details: To illustrate, they often get to eat at luxurious restaurants and they can receive fashionable clothes for free. | Body Paragraph 2Topic Idea: Another reason why celebrities do not have a right to privacy is that if they are famous parents their child would be proud of them and if you ask me I would say that being beautiful or being famous is not enough.

First Supporting reason: In my opinion, if you want someone want to be like you,you have to do a lot of good things to make they impress or admire and have the feelings that they want to be like you too. Details:For example, Shakira Ripoll, whose job is a songwriter and rock-singer, has been donated a large number of money to many charity organizations from all around the world. Eventhough she already had one by her own. Second Supporting reason:Some people will think that celebrities are trying to make a positive fame for themselves.

Details: This is true but not all celebrities done this, our world is big and there are plenty of warm-heart, who really care about the others people. | ConclusionParaphrase of thesis statement: Celebrities do not have a right to privacy because they has already received a lot of benefits and if they want to keep that fame they need to show the public more about their private life. Final Thought:Celebrities had chose this job so they already known what would happen to them, both good thing and bad thing. Their responsibility is to give something back to the people, who has spent their attention to them.

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