Why People Have Celebrity Worship Syndrome

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Do you have your favorite star? How often do you focus on her? Is this kind of worship influence your daily life? If so, be careful, you may have celebrity worship syndrome. “Celebrity worship” is not uncommon these days. General speaking it is an obsessive and addictive disorder in which a person becomes overly involved with the details of a celebrity’s personal life. Also, celebrity worship syndrome is more likely to spread around the world. Some people suffer celebrity worship syndrome because of the following three reasons: the power of media, the type of upbringing, and the personality of individuals.

In the first place, it is apparent that media leads people pay more attention to celebrities. Since media plays an important role in people’s lives, many kinds of media, such as magazines, newspapers, Internet, all help people to focus on celebrity news. Individuals, especially young people, are curious about celebrities’ gossips, and the more they realize, the more topics that young people can talk about. These gossips are more fun than some boring ones, like the weather today. Moreover, celebrity worship syndrome happens on young girls as well. Why is so specific on girls?

This is because not only gossips are attractive to people, but also some fashion tips, and the latest hair trends have a huge impact on young girls. This kind of fashionable information can be easily found on the Internet, magazines. Girls are crazy about how to make up to look beautiful, but all this fashionable things are accompanied with super stars. So, in order to copy these stars, girls start to focus every day. It can obviously cause celebrity worship syndrome. Therefore, people who often look for gossips and fashionable information will suffer celebrity worship syndrome.

Secondly, besides the power of media, the type of upbringing also brings about celebrity worship syndrome. In China, many families just have one child, and most of time he or she feels lonely. If parents ignore to pay attention to young kids’ inner world, they would be confused and upset about nobody could listen to them to express their thoughts about happiness and troubles. At this time, some singers or super stars can create fresh images through their singing and acting to let kids feel happiness in life. After a long time, kids may rely on these stars and slowly have celebrity syndrome.

In contrast, in Canada, the type of upbringing is quite different from China. Canadian kids have chances to experience brotherhood, and feel not that lonely. However, the interesting thing is that celebrity worship syndrome still happens. Young children are more likely to be influenced by the media and by the other classmates. In youth’s thoughts, maybe it is a shame that they do not know anything when others talk about a famous star. Hence, the type of upbringing does not a big aspect to influence kids’ celebrity worship.

Finally, personality of individuals is another reason to cause celebrity worship syndrome. For example, originally, people set a role model for guidance, and most of role models are celebrities, because celebrities’ public visions make people respect them. However, with focusing a long time celebrities, when people realize that there is still a big gap among them, people’s self-esteem may suffer. This is a bad effect. In addition, for some people who want to pursue exciting life, they choose to worship celebrities. It is like to add “salt” on flavorless life.

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, people have celebrity worship syndrome because they like fashion, and can gain knowledge from celebrities. In short, people who want to set role model have exciting life, and love fashion styles have tendency to get celebrity worship syndrome. In conclusion, celebrity worship syndrome may happen due to three reasons, which are media usage, upbringing styles, and characteristics of people. Meanwhile, media will be the most powerful one to cause this issue. But, how do people overcome celebrity worship syndrome will be a topic that is worth discussing.

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