A Separate Peacetopics Essay Example
A Separate Peacetopics Essay Example

A Separate Peacetopics Essay Example

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  • Published: March 22, 2018
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Finny, in A Separate Peace, has a flaw of acceptance when conveyed with the painful truth that contributes to the readers positive perception of him. When Finny and Gene are about to head out for their nightly Super Suicide Society meeting, for example, Gene explains to Finny that he has to study to do well on his tests and cannot go out tonight. Finny had no idea that someone so smart had to study let alone the fact that he thought smartness came to Gene like sports and athleticism came to him.

"l didn't know you needed to study,' he said simply. L didn't think you ever did. I thought it just came to you. " (Knowles 58) Finny had a hard time accepting the fact that Gene needed to study because his grades were so good studying seemed irrelevant.


Later on that evening, when Gene is about to stop studying to go with his friend to their meeting Finny encourages him to do otherwise. Mono you aren't, pal, you're going to study. "' (Knowles 58) True friends care about the well-being of others, and by telling Gene to stay and study it gives off a positive and caring vibe for the readers about Finny.

Although Finny initially has the flaw of acceptance when it comes to understanding Gene's need to study, once he truly understands his reasons his encouragement for Gene to stay and study helps contribute to the reader's positive perception of him. After the summer session at the Devon school, Gene came to visit Finny to confess the truth about the accident.

Finny didn't want to hear any of it though

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because accusing your best friend of being the reason why you can't play sports anymore is hard to swallow.

Although Finny may have questioned whether Gene was really telling the truth, he could never accept the fact that Gene may have jounced the limb causing the accident. '"Of course you didn't do it. You damn fool.

.. Go away. I'm tired and you make me sick" (Knowles 70) When it comes to acknowledging the fact that, yes, Gene could have caused he accident, Finny can't bare the reality without getting sick from the thought of it.

Finny is unable to find complete fault in his friend.

This stubbornness and flaw of acceptance of this truth reveals to readers just how much more Finny chooses to cherish their friendship over believing the accusation towards Gene. Finny chooses to focus positively on the friendship looking at the bright side. These attributes contribute to the readers positive perception of him. Finny had always thrown around the idea of enlisting in the military once he turned 18, but after the accident that left him with a bum leg no branch of revere would allow him to join.

"They all gave me the same answer after they saw the medical report on me... O.

"' (Knowles 190) He had a hard time accepting the fact that nobody wanted him in the war even though he wanted to serve his country so desperately. The idea that even after all Finny has been through he still wants to serve his country is an admirable one, however, accepting the fact that nobody wants you is a hard flaw to deal with. Fanny's desire to

serve contributes to the reader's positive perception of him, because although he is crippled and not able to serve his country his true intentions and desire to be useful are impact.

Phonies, better known as Finny, always looked at the bright side of things even when times were rough. He had trouble accepting the truth that smart people, like Gene, need to study and had trouble accepting Gene's confession about the accident.

Finny does, however, remain positive through it all from encouraging Gene to study to trying to find ways to serve his nation at war. The aforementioned examples show that Finny has at times an apparent flaw of acceptance towards the painful truth. Fanny's look on the bright side of things approach contributes to the readers positive perception of him.

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