Use Of Imagination With Faith And Reason In The Pursuit Of Truth Essay Example
Use Of Imagination With Faith And Reason In The Pursuit Of Truth Essay Example

Use Of Imagination With Faith And Reason In The Pursuit Of Truth Essay Example

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  • Published: September 13, 2017
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While seeking for Truth. with a capital ‘T’ . conveying three giants like St. Thomas Aquinas. Descartes and William Wordsworth. under a individual roof. is a mammoth undertaking that requires great attention and attending. Aquinas can be said to be a adult male who is an unfastened minded Catholic. really tolerant and humanist mind who is non merely a philosopher but person who is intellectually interested in the chase of truth. Descartes is the Grecian philosopher. lived far before the age of ground. whose rules were revived after the success of Newtonian theories of scientific discipline.

And eventually. Wordsworth and Blake. the universe renowned poetic masterminds of the Romantic epoch in England is to be studied as an illustration of the poetic presence of Truth. Faith The age of religion was the method that had come by through the ages. It is the method that had been conferred on us as heredity. instead than fixed by two markers through the centuries. Aquinas. the devout Catholic has tried to elaborate it harmonizing to the methods of rational doctrine of Aristotle. He has succeeded in the attempt. Faith has been described by Aquinas as a beacon indicating to Truth.

Truth in the purest signifier is beyond definition and comprehension of human head. The Church attributes it to the word of God. The Bibles say “Your word is the Truth” ( John 17/17 ) to Pilates exclaiming “What is Truth? ” . Thomas Aquinas would state that the attack to Truth is better


based on religion instead than on the celestial spheres of ground. He says that if religion is the footing of understanding Truth. God has decreed it to be like that so that all of us may hold entree to the indispensable elements of Truth.

Even the innermost substance of the human mind can non wholly comprehend the kernel of God ; there are some points of understanding in God which are accessible to adult male. There may be infinite other points in the kernel of God which can non be accessed by the human being on this Earth to grok the kernel of Truth ( That the Truths which we confess refering God autumn under two Manners or Categories. ) . Even when we perceive with our senses the ground that we attribute to it may be clouded and frequently can non be explained with ground. with the restriction of the cognition that we have.

Reason may be depended merely every bit far as everyday things are concerned. There are certain that can be explained with ground which we perceive with the senses. Abstract worlds like Truth or even Justice may non be comprehended and ( weighed in kgs. coming to believe of it ) interpreted utilizing unequal methods. It is harmonizing to Blake. like going over known lands to happen out the unknown lands ( Blake ) . Faith would be able to back up as and poke at us frontward in the way of Truth. easy blossoming itself in the signifier of life instead than in the signifier of words.

It is the method of the simple minded to accomplish Truth of things

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in life. Another of import attack to Truth is the attack of ground. This was awakened in the centuries after the Protestant revolution in Europe and the foundations of the epoch of religion were shaken by it. The Roman Catholic Church had suffered a batch at the custodies of Calvin and Martin Luther King and the foundations of the belief in religion as a agency of accomplishing Truth had come to be doubted ( Meditation 1 ) . And contrary to the instructions of the Church. many learned work forces like Descartes began to believe that Earth was non the Centre of the Universe.

The foundations of their beliefs were shaken and alternate methods other than merely the 1s taught by the Church had to be found. Therefore. easy. The age of Reason was easy clicking upon the skyline of Europe. Descartes wished that he could get at the Truth by doubting whatever he was taught boulder clay so and the erudite theories had to be unlearned to bury all the prevarications that they had accumulated. He was copying the manner of Ignatius of Loyola being brought up in Jesuit tradition.

He expected to gain the regard of the conservative minds of his times ( Descartes. R 2010 ) . Descartes claims that we are basically intelligent existences and our heads can be understood better than our organic structures. And when he considers that even though he is capable of believing he is able to make so merely in a finite manner. But God is infinite world. He muses that God is infinite world. He is “substance that is infinite. ageless. changeless. independent. supremely intelligent. supremely powerful. and which created both myself and everything else” ( Meditation 3. . Thus Descartes progresss far in the hunt of Truth and moves from the finite to the space.

It is his feeling that God is the infinite world. the infinite Truth. Since he has a really clear thought of God’s being. the thought has infinite nonsubjective world. that is. it is of more substance than. that is more truth than any other world Thus he is able to chew over and happen truths which theologists have tried to explicate ( Descartes. R. 2010 ) . On close analysis we find that Descartes has used a method. which moves in round waies.

This logical thinking is called the “Cartesian Circle The thought is arrived at with a batch of complicated premises and it is non easy for an mean reader. and needs really difficult work to achieve ( Introduction to Descartes. ) . To come back to the present province of such an statement. we should cognize that there is no such hot subject today. as it is by and large agreed that the being of God could non be proved by a effort of the mind. As Kierkegaard says. it needs “a spring of faith” instead than an act of the intelligence ( Descartes. R. 2010 ) .

Therefore geting at Truth. by the power of logical thinking is a really arduous occupation. Furthermore. even if Truth comes within the appreciation of the Meditator. he is at

a greater undertaking of doing it clear to his oppositions and sympathisers. which is non at all a simple occupation. Finally. after explicating and lucubrating there is ever the opportunity that the purportedly non-prejudiced. balanced province of head may hold been prejudiced after all. The 3rd module of imaginativeness. in hunt of Truth. in itself sounds like a contradiction.

But this has a valid background. The Notre Dame Cathedral stands with the awful memoir of the reign of ground going the reign of panic. in which 20. 000 Frenchmans were massacred. Rationalism was smothering the humanistic disciplines to decease. and during those times blind attachment to cumbersome regulations was a sultry instrument to many. During these times philosophers like Voltaire started utilizing poesy as a agency to show truth. To these visionaries truth became the seeable and touchable. which symbolized the intangible and the unobserved.

Beauty is truth. truth beauty. ” – that is all/Ye know on Earth. and all ye need to know” sang the poet John Keats. in his Ode to a Greek Urn. He belonged to class of poets which belonged to the Romantic Tradition ( Ode on a Greek urn. 1997 ) . Thus the thought of seeking out God through the seeable in the universe besides holds existent substance. Blake as a precursor of the Romantic tradition attempts to indicate out that ground is ever limited to the mundane and earthly things whereas it is the poetic or philosophic module that makes adult male grok more than what he really sees.

Therefore everything that has a intimation of the truth in it is an emanation from the poetic module. We besides find Blake reasoning that every faith is the same and the Bibles are the exercising of this ego same poetic module ( Introduction to imagination. ) . This must be read together with the anticipations of earlier poets and narrators about the innovations of the winging machines and submarine travelling machine good in front of the innovations of aero planes and pigboats. We have the recent instance of Friedrich August Kekule. discovered the molecular construction of benzine.

He had a dream of a serpent trailing its tail. Rather than disregarding his dream. he applied it to his research and thereby achieved the discovery ( Osborn. D. ) . Now. while we deal with Truth. which of the methods is the best in the attacks. I would surely prefer the method of religion. over the two others. The best statements for this are given by St. Thomas Aquinas. He has argued that even though ground is able to come upon the Truth. it presupposes much cognition and much labour.

The individual who attempts to make the Truth by concluding must hold a batch of forbearance and clip at manus to understand all the basic premises and settle up a province of head that is necessary to make the mental province needed for slow computations. “Only with great labour of survey is it possible to get at the seeking out of the aforementioned truth ; ” says the sage. And really few will hold the clip and labour needed to get

on the premises. It would necessitate a existent mastermind to get on the Truth and if it was the lone manner to get on world. world would long brood in darkness.

Then. when we think about the effects of imaginativeness. on the whole we would be disappointed with the figure of expressions and equations derived at by the usage of dreams and facts arrived upon by the dramatic power of poesy. This is because. all poets are non visionaries and frequently poesy can come out of bibulous daze or from exhausts of opium. Finally. as the topics of survey have all found that there is good God who is benevolent driving this Universe. it would be excessively much for him to allow the ordinary individual go without entree to the Truth other than the complex way of ground and the diffident way of imaginativeness.

Therefore he would uncover the Truth himself and anticipate his kids to believe in it. This I think would be ground adequate for us to depend more on religion. than on logical thinking and imaginativeness. Decision It is best to follow Truth with an oculus of religion. which can be steered by ground and powered by imaginativeness. The module of ground would be a good usher and imaginativeness would certainly function as a peep into the hereafter ( That it is an advantage for the Truths of God ) .