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The movie of Antwone Fisher which was directed by Denzel Washington and whose screen play was written by Antwone Fisher portrays the life journey of Antwone Fisher. This movie shows Antwone’s childhood and his struggle to heal the wounds made by people in his life. Antwone never knew his parents, and so he grew up with Mrs. Tate, his foster mother who abused Antwone and his brothers. Antwone was even molested repeatedly by one of his older female cousins at age 6 and even saw his best friend Jesse murdered in front of his eyes.

Antwone them joined the military to escape poverty and after having and attitude problem and being involved in many fights he was forced to go see Mr. Williams, a psychiatrist, who eventually told him he needed to find his real family. Antwone, along with his new girlfriend Cheryl traveled to see his family, they found his mother, Mrs. Tate, his cousin and eventually he was united with his whole family. Antwone fisher is a man who has been constantly hurt and wounded by people in his life. All of this hurt has been bottled up through all of these years and he explodes in anger anytime someone makes a remark that reminds him of his past.

At the beginning of the movie Antwone had a dream where a young boy was in the middle of a wheat field. He was them led into a room with a long table. Surrounding the table where what like a hundred people. The table was filled with delicious looking food, and the little boy was led to the end of the table where he was seated. I believe that this dream represents Antwone’s desire to know who his real family is. The little boy who was seated at the end of the table represents Antwone and the people around the table represent Antwone’s real family and how he wants to be surrounded by his family.

Antwone’s dream came true at the end of the movie when he was actually surrounded by his real family and sat down at a table with them to eat. Antwone was not a person with a big ego. He never did have high self-esteem because of his constant abuse as a child. Whenever Antwone spoke to Cheryl in the movie he always looked insecure and even had to ask Dr. Williams for advice when talking to Cheryl on his first date. Psychoanalysis is a systematic structure of theories concerning the relation of conscious and unconscious psychological process, usually this involves sessions were the patient is made to talk about his childhood and dreams.

In the movie Antwone Fisher, Antwone did not want to talk at all because he felt he did not need help or that he wasn’t crazy so Dr. Williams made him come to the sessions even if Antwone did not speak. Antwone came and waited through many sessions until he finally broke down and began to speak. I think that the part of the story where Antwone is reunited with his family all at once is unrealistic because in real life it takes much planning to gather so much people together all at once, but the fact that he was reunited with his family is realistic.

Antwone really needed closure in his life from his past, because if he didn’t soon heal he would only deteriorate inside and live an angry life. I believe that Antwone and Williams develop a strong bond because of the difficulties Antwone has gone through. In the end I believe they mutually helped each other. If it weren’t for Dr. Williams, Antwone wouldn’t have faced his past and gone looking for his family, and if it weren’t for Antwone Dr. Williams wouldn’t have realized the things in his life he had to change. Like Dr. Williams said to Antwone: “You’re the champ son, you’ve beaten everyone who’s beaten you. ”

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