Essay About My Internship Experience
Essay About My Internship Experience

Essay About My Internship Experience

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  • Published: January 25, 2022
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It was an amazing duration of value to me and my law career as a whole. The internship session lasting between September 2015 and May this year. The memories are still raw and intact in the summit of my brain. What an experience I had. The people I interacted with were very fantastic and of truly good will. Being attached in this law firm, it was the perfect place for me to get every bit of experience and information to complement my theoretical class work. The organization and the set up of the system in the place were beyond the sky. Thank you mum as well as your pronounced mentor, ERROL JONES for the wonderful and memorable skills you imparted on me. Promise you the fruits of your investment efforts on me will be more than sweet. Thank you everyone who added value t


o my academic credentials.

During my stay at the law firm I was assigned some duties which helped me learn a lot as far as the duties of my future career is concerned. I was given the task of filling paper files of every legal information in the hands of the company. The filling system was actually computerized and up the latest standards of upholding transparency and efficiency in the law sector of the Nation's judicial Sector. Also, I was responsible for the arrangement and retrieval of any file in case needed.

I made phone calls to obtain attorney case information. During the session I learned the communication skills essential for effective communication with the clients on line. The staff taught me how to handle every bit of moods in the phone conversations

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To add my experience practically, I was allowed to watch some of the lawyers in their duties. I was also exposed on how one should express himself in the line of his duties as a law practitioner. I was also in a position to witness the other side of my parent as lawyer too. She was a true and living lesson for me. It is of great importance to have a good first impression in this field of law. The etiquette and moral standards especially in the flow of exercising the law is paramount as well. The dress code when in the line of duty is key to your success as a law practitioner. The kind of dress should be absolutely official and show good public impression not only respect.

To add on, I was taught the rules and regulations governing the law sector. It was a detailed and well taught piece of information I obtained as far as this is concerned. Furthermore, I was given first information of supervision of attorneys which is very crucial part as lawyer. The supervision of attorney and the procedure of settling cases, postponement and termination are all on my fingertips. To foster this, the firm gifted me with copies of documents with relevant information and writing to help me deeply familiarize myself with every bit of my career.

Lastly, I can sit and smile about my whole internship experience. It was simply next none. Simply the one to reckon about.

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