Essay About Filmmakers and Production
Essay About Filmmakers and Production

Essay About Filmmakers and Production

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  • Published: October 6, 2021
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In order to understand more about movies we need to learn more about the tools that filmmakers use during production. We need to identify theatrical elements and techniques used in a cinema and also learn what effect they have on the audience. Camera movement, angle, editing, sound and framing can be some examples of cinematic techniques. Theatrical elements can include props, costumes, sets, and acting choice. Each theatrical element and cinematic technique plays an important role during film making. The question that we should ask is how does the director incorporate all this in a film?

The movie starts with the word Apocalypse Now, we then her the sound of a helicopter on the screen. The beautiful jungle full of life and green grass is also evident. Then comes the napalm, the fire, the bomb and this becomes end of life. We watch closely as helicopters drop bombs destroying all that is around. The movie is curved in darkness to show that we are taking a journey into the hearts of darkness. There is fog evident in the movie that helps the audience understand the depression and confusion portrayed in the movie.

We continue to see fire and blades imposed on peoples face. There is a man lying on the ground he seems alive but he is dead. We are been shown the hallucinations in the man’s mind .And so we begin the journey through after life which all dead people must pass. This man on the screen who is lying dead he tells us this is a journey that everyone will



Apocalypse Now may be categorized as war movie or a drama. To me, it felt like a horror, an epic, a thriller and even a movie that was beyond the usual confines of genre. A journey in the dark underworld what genre can we put it into? This movie is bringing out the theme of war and death which is rare in most movies.

There are few claimed camera developments, for example, the one on Kilgore as he begins discussing Napalm. We generally observe him in full organization of his officers however the camera denote a solid change when Kilgore begins discussing Napalm and the war, we begin with seeing his entire group and the camera continues following towards Kilgore, forgetting every other person and closures on his unparalleled medium close up.

This is practically how close we can get to this man (Kilgore Selection In Frame, One Close Up Kilgore). Another exceedingly successful following shot is when Willard is in Kurtz compound and is listening to how separated Kurtz soul has ended up. Till this point, we have seen Willard on the left half of the screen in his each association with Kurtz (counting his dossier). In this scene, we see one shot of Willard on the left, then as he considers his activities we see him in the middle and in the following shot, as Willard decides on slaughtering Kurtz, we see him at the privilege of the edge.

Not just that, this is the primary spot when the camera tracks back and out of Willard’s nearby up and we see

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him taking a gander at his hand planning to slaughter Kurtz with his uncovered hand. It is an effective camera development since surprisingly, as Willard chooses to murder without judgment a.k.a. Kurtz form, we are taken out from his temper, from his recollections, from his heart and allowed to have a point of view of our own, aside from him.

Raising Arizona is a movie about an ex-con, Nicolas Cage also known as HI. He falls in love with an ex-cop called Hellen Hunt; they get married though Nicolas cannot bear a baby so they decide to snatch a baby. They try keeping this as a secret, while their coworkers and friends try to figure out how they can use the baby for their benefit. When the movie is talking about the baby snatchers the wall style and lighting changes this is to help the audience understand it better.

Most people consider Raising Arizona as the movie that helped Coen’s get his cinematic identity. While watching this movie one can observe the camera movement and funny scripts that are helping bring out some ideology and dialogues. One can also notice how cartoonish and unconventional the cartoon is. This is so evident from the introduction Nicolas Cage’s hair is spikey and messed and he looks like he has been pulled out of a Bug’s Bunny cartoon and just dropped in the worldю

The cinematography helps to emphasize this idea, a long shooting style full of sped up tracking is evident in this movie. Raising Arizona has engineered the start of most film making industries and it offers unique and special films among many other services. The most evident decision to make a practically comic like film was the whole ?set design? — its mise-en-scéne. The film appears as though it was shot on a theatre organize.

In spite of the fact that it looks reasonable and credible, the film appears as though it was a play. There are a couple sets in the film that looked practically like it was etched out of earth. For instance the game plan of inside of Nathan Arizona’s home makes a surrealistic environment: like drastically overstated reality. The other setting that looked half-fake and half-genuine was the town’s long street, where Hi and the rider had the last confrontation. These set outline remind the group of onlookers that this film, however manages genuine good issues, ought not be considered that important. ?The sets underline the showy component of the film.?

The opening scene sets the mood for the entire film. The visual appearance is inconsistent. Switching of colors from black to white is evident which helps the audience notice that there is a deliberate message been conveyed. Historic movies were also made of black and white. Lack of a color in a film creates a certain picture that you are in an unrealistic place. In the first scene, the white and black color helps us unmask the barbaric brutality of the security.

Bonnie and Clyde play as criminals. Comparing Mickey and Mallory with Clyde and Bonnie it is evident that their similarities contrast and it hence brings out unreal and real

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