Crash the Movie, Crashing Into Prejudice Essay Example
Crash the Movie, Crashing Into Prejudice Essay Example

Crash the Movie, Crashing Into Prejudice Essay Example

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  • Published: October 28, 2017
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Numerous films have been produced for society that address racial bias and stereotyping. The film Crash is merely such a film. However. this film takes a more impartial attack than most. The action is shown in a aggregation of sketchs foregrounding the narrative of several characters over the span of two yearss in Los Angeles. California. The characters are victims of bias in one scene merely to be the wrongdoer in a different state of affairs subsequently in the movie. The stereotypes run the racial ploy from White to Latino to African American to Asiatic American to Middle Eastern American.

The movie begins and ends with a auto accident. The first one is between an Asiatic American adult female and two LA investigators. one female Latino and one African American. Det. Waters and Ria. Th


e Asiatic American lady is visibly disquieted and blames the Latino adult female for the accident. Because of her speech pattern she mispronounces the word braked and it sounds like “blaked” . The Latino adult female returns to mime her in a prejudicially sarcastic manner. This attack to the beginning of the movie supports the position that damaging attitudes exist among members of both dominant and minority groups ( Parrillo. 2008 ) .

The following scene begins with the word “Yesterday” . A Middle Eastern adult male and his girl are in a gun store. He is reasoning with his girl because he is seeking to purchase a gun. The clerk cries at him and calls him Osama. The clerk so tells him to “plan his jehad on his ain time” . The older adult male takes offense and starts reasoning with th

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clerk. The girl gets her male parent out of the store and returns to either acquire the money back or the gun. She so picks out a box of shells because they come free with the purchase of a gun. The box is full of clean cartridges.

Subsequently in the movie this is a polar pick as the male parent uses the gun when he gets frustrated with what he believes is unfairness from a Latino locksmith. Daniel. The bias the clerk showed was rejection of a certain people entirely on the footing of their ethnicity or rank in a peculiar group ( Parrillo. 2004 ) . The following scene outlines a perfect illustration of pigeonholing by a dominant and a minority group. It is of two immature African American work forces. Anthony and Peter. dressed like college pupils go forthing a eating house. As the young persons walk up the street they are met by a well dressed white twosome. D. A.

Richard Cabot and his married woman Jean. As they near each other the adult female grabs her husband’s arm in fright. This is declarative of the stereotyped belief and selective perceptual experience of the married woman that all immature black work forces are felons and unsafe ; a cognitive status described in the text edition ( Healey. 2012 ) . This enrages Anthony and he begins to kick to Peter. Anthony reveals his selective perceptual experience of the incident by connoting that all white people are over caffeinated and the whole LAPD is trigger happy. We know there are African American officers in the force but at this clip Anthony is grouping people by

association non by race.

However. Anthony and Peter go on to commandeer the white couple’s vehicle by gunpoint thereby corroborating and reenforcing Jean Cabot’s frights. Now the scene alterations to another offense scene. In this scene we see Det. Waters and Ria once more. They have merely arrived at an off responsibility officer hiting that happened during an alledged route fury incident. They are really surprised to happen out that the white adult male standing by the autos and the dead African American adult male are both police officers on the LAPD. This is the 3rd clip a white bull has killed a black adult male.

The following sketch shows the D. A. ’s house and the Latino locksmith. Daniel. altering the locks on a large house. Jean begins her philippic by stating her hubby that she wants the locks changed once more tomorrow because Daniel is traveling to sell their new keys to a pack because he is a Latin american and they are all gang members. Her hubby inquiries this and she so begins to uncover herself to be a deeply prejudiced individual who is wholly immune to the information her hubby is seeking to state her ( Parrillo. 2004 ) . The D. A. reveals his entire ignorance and indifference to minorities by his cynicism and he does this in forepart of his helpers. one who is African American.

The film goes on to foreground several more incidents of racism and bias that include all of the characters. either as victims or wrongdoers. There is the sexual assault of the African American adult female twosome by the white LAPD officer. Ryan. Ryan exhibits the action-orientation

degree of bias by his prejudiced actions ( Parrillo. 2004 ) . There is a scene of the Middle Eastern adult male walking into his shop after it has been broken into. There is graffito on the walls with the racial slur “raghead” written at that place. The married woman remarks that they are Iranian non Iraqi and admirations why people can’t state the difference.

The adult male finds out his insurance will non pay for the interruption in because earlier Daniel the locksmith had told him to purchase a new door. In his defeat his displaced aggression and choler is transferred to Daniel because the insurance company seems to be an untouchable mark ( Parrillo. 2004 ) . There is a sketch when Anthony and Peter do something good for another minority. When they by chance run over the “Chinaman” they do take him to the infirmary. Later we find out the Asiatic adult male was take parting in human trafficking.

Officer Ryan does deliver himself in the terminal by salvaging the same adult female he violated. He pulls her from a combustion auto. The Middle Eastern adult male finds Daniel’s reference. delaies for him and stairss out of his auto to hit Daniel. Daniel’s girl runs out to protect her dada with the unseeable ness Daniel gave her earlier. This unseeable ness is supposed to barricade slugs and Daniel gave it to his girl one dark when she was scared. This is when the space cartridges come into drama. The adult male doesn’t know they are clean and believes he has witnessed a miracle because the small miss is unhurt after he shoots her at

point space scope.

We find out that Peter is Det. Waters’ brother. Peter is shot and killed in Det. Hanson’s auto by Hanson when he exhibits an emotional degree of bias ( Parrillo. 2004 ) . Hanson shoots him out of fright and misgiving. His organic structure is thrown in the ditch and Hanson drives off to fire his auto and acquire rid of the grounds. Jean comes to footings with her choler and after she does she falls down the steps. Her Latino amah is the merely 1 to assist her. She realizes that Maria is a nice adult female who happens to be Latino and her friend.

Even Anthony has a salvation scene when he goes back to acquire the “Chinaman’s” vehicle and tries to sell it to a chop store merely to happen out it has human slaves in the dorsum. The purchaser wants to purchase the slaves excessively and offers Anthony more money. Anthony gets the new wave back and releases the people on the street. He so gives them some money to acquire something to eat. Prejudice has been shown by this film in many degrees and strengths. The narratives are interwoven to demo how prejudice affects everyone in an ever-widening circle. There were besides many stereotypes ; the black LAPD officer’s younger pack banger brother. the white clueless D.

A. ’s pampered. prejudiced married woman. and the white racialist officer. to call a few. The film was stitched together good and easy to follow without acquiring lost in the secret plan. REFERENCES Haggis. P. ( Director ) ( 2004 ) . Crash [ Theater ] . Parrillo. Vincent. ( 2008. 04 )

. Causes of Prejudice: the Sociology of Prejudice. Retrieved from FHSU BB. Multiculturalism in a Democratic Society. Blackboard on March 2. 2013. Healey. J. ( 2012 ) . Race. ethnicity. gender. and category the sociology of group struggle and alteration. ( 6th ed. ) . Thousand Oaks. California. USA: Sage Publications Inc.

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