Types of Listening Essay Example
Types of Listening Essay Example

Types of Listening Essay Example

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  • Published: June 1, 2017
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Discriminative Listening

Discriminative listening refers to the fundamental form of listening that focuses on recognizing distinctions among various sounds. The ability to perceive these differences is crucial for comprehending the intended significance conveyed through these variations.

Comprehensive Listening

Comprehensive listening, which can also be called content listening, informative listening, or full listening, involves not only distinguishing between different sounds and visuals but also comprehending them. In order to fully understand the meaning of what is being communicated, it is crucial to possess a broad vocabulary and a deep understanding of grammar and syntax.

Critical Listening

On the other hand, critical listening refers to actively engaging in listening with the intention of evaluating and judging. This includes forming opinions and making assessments


about the information being conveyed. Throughout this process, one analyzes both strengths and weaknesses as well as agreement and approval.

Three Types of Listening: Appreciative, Therapeutic, and Biased

Appreciative listening involves seeking information that will be appreciated and helpful in meeting our needs and goals. This type of listening is commonly experienced when enjoying good music, poetry, or the inspiring words of a great leader.

On the other hand, therapeutic listening goes beyond empathy and aims to create a deep connection with the speaker. Its ultimate goal is to facilitate understanding, bring about change, or promote personal development.

In contrast, biased listening occurs when an individual selectively hears what they want to hear. They often misinterpret the other person's words based on their own stereotypes and biases. Biased listening is typically evaluative in nature.

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