Emerging Role of UN in Future Conflicts Essay

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1. The World body, called the United Nations, is an organization mainly intended for maintaining peace and security among nations. It was the third generation of the organizations Achaean League and subsequently League of Nations. The principal organs and subsidiary bodies of the UN are included under the regular budget of the UN, as authorized by the General Assembly.2.

The General assembly, while having the powers to discuss matters relating to peace and security matters, can pass resolutions with two thirds majority, may refer such matters to security council, a committee of five permanent members, China, France, Russia, UK and USA, and ten elected members of the General Assembly for a two year term members (known as Great Power unanimity or veto power of each).3.The purpose of the UN can be briefly summarized as:- a) To maintain international peace and security and to take effective collective measures to that end. b) To develop friendly relations among nations. c) To achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of economic, social, cultural and humanitarian character and in promoting respect for human rights. d) To be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in the attainment of these common ends.

4.With the idea of concert, the covenant and character of UN was drafted in the closing days of the second World War on the basis of proposals worked out by the USA, UK, USSR and their allies in the war. It reflected their concept of the ensuring international order after War.[1]5.

However, the UN was often forced into immobility on issues relating to peace and security, since the western states and the Soviet Union were in the Security Council with veto powers. At the end of the Cold War, it had to shoulder an enormous responsibility especially on issues relating to bilateral and internal peace and as a result dramatic changes mostly or partially by terrorists in three hijacked planes.6.The perpetrators have been identified as belonging to Al Quad groups of Osama bin Laden. As a result, USA and UK have jointly attacked Taliban government in Afghanistan which had refused to surrender him, the Allied forces are tracking down bin Laden, after getting a nod from the members of the UN Security Council, including Russia.

It is not known when the UN would be dragged into the picture and in which role .7.Statistically, until 2000 April, UN has deployed peace keeping forces in 53 operations, in which it has succeeded more in inter-state conflicts than in intra-state conflicts such as in Rwanda and Palestine. Examples of interstate conflicts, which it has successfully mediated, are Korea, El Salvador East Timor and Cambodia. In Post cold war era, peace building and peace enforcement are some of the new dimensions of peace operations for this World Organization.8.

In the case of the new breed of intra-state conflicts, such as in Bosnia and Kosovo, the conflicts were fought not only by regular armies but also by militias and armed civilians with little discipline and with ill-defined chains of command.They are often low intensity guerrilla wars without clear frontlines and ethnic in character. Civilians are the main victims and often the main targets.9. It had resulted in the collapse of state institutions, with a resulting paralysis of governance, a breakdown of law and order resulting in anarchy.

The UN had to view the situation from different angles such as Human Rights, humanitarian, economic and political.10.Humanitarian agencies of the UN endeavor to provide succor to civilian victims of war; too often, however, the warring parties make it difficult or impossible for them to do so and there is no agreement between warring parties on which a peace-keeping mandate can be based11.Under these circumstances, the role of the UN has become significant and inevitable but unenviable.12.The present study is an attempt to analyze the functions and responsibilities of the UN in the future, where in conflicts would be inevitable.

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