Elphaba from “Wicked” by Gregory Maguire Essay Example
Elphaba from “Wicked” by Gregory Maguire Essay Example

Elphaba from “Wicked” by Gregory Maguire Essay Example

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  • Published: August 7, 2017
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Analyze the Main Character

The chief character named Elphaba. in the novel Wicked. raises the argument to whether immorality is inherited genetically or developed by societal unfairness.

Elphaba holding been born with a picket green tegument tone and razor crisp dentition was automatically rejected by society at birth. As she grew older she developed a huge cognition of the universe around her which led her desire to be influential towards the greater good. Even though her purposes were truly efficacious she was labeled wicked due to the narrow positions on eccentricity throughout society. This is the struggle in which Elphaba was to yield in order to carry through her desire to break the universe.

Elphaba was born a munchkinlander to the clergyman of a unionist church and the girl of a affluent household. Even though


she was born to a promising background she was destined for failure due to birth defects. Elphaba was born with green tegument and razor crisp dentition because of a green elixir in which her female parent ingested in big measures during the gestation. These unnatural traits caused even the narrow heads of her parents to hold antipathy for her ; her parents were afraid of her at first but subsequently learned to love her for she had become an highly sort and loving individual. She was born with a negative intension to her name which could perchance stifle her hereafter.

Despite the changeless worrying and size uping due to her abnormalities Elphaba developed a head of phenomenal capacity. Her male parent spent much clip tutoring her in her younger old ages and learning her to love cognition. With this love for cognition she excelle

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in public schooling and was accepted with full ornament to go to Shiz University. Wishing to go to Shiz to develop her encephalon she was shortly discovered to be that of a enchantress with possible to develop astonishing powers. She was so lead on by the caput kept woman dame Morrible to prosecute her powers and so subsequently to prosecute in a meeting with the ace of Oz.

Now holding developed a great charming ability. Elphaba was to run into the ace who she thought could be able to assist her fulfill her desire to break the universe. To her surprise. it was revealed that the ace had no power at all and with the aid of dame Morrible planned to utilize Elphaba as the power in order to fuel his ain absolutism. Elphaba rapidly rejected the wizards’ proposal and went into concealing quickly. In making so the ace persuaded society that she was wicked because of her unnatural expressions and that she was capable of destructing their Land of Oz.

Society surged against Elphaba killing everyone and everything she of all time loved. This drove Elphaba to lose all control and utilize her godly charming powers to harm the society that rejected her. This could be considered the point in which Elphaba fulfilled her rubric as “wicked. ”Elphaba was born to abnormal expressions with a sort bosom but subsequently became wicked because of the barbarous behaviour of society. If she were merely given the opportunity to turn out her purposes she may hold succeeded in bettering the position of the universe. But due to the evil purposes of the ace her life was therefore written as

the wickedest of them all.

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