Drug Abuse Narrative Essay

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Lloyd, Jacqueline et al., Social contextual factors associated with entry into opiate agonist treatment among injection drug users. It’s a Health publication. The primary audience of the Journal is the American public.

Injection drug users or the IDUs are the second largest group that has a high risk of contracting HIV infection in the United States of America. The injection of drugs by users causes approximately a third of AIDS cases that occur in America. Also the people who inject themselves with drugs are at risk of contraction other blood borne pathogens that causes illnesses such a hepatitis B and C viruses others include cellulitis, endocarditits among other illnesses.

Drug users that abuse drugs such as cocaine, heroin among others, are faced by many challenges. Most of the drugs that are injected are highly addictive, people prefer to abuse drugs by injecting themselves since the full effects of the drug take effect very quickly. Not only do they face the effect of having marks in their body, can also cause HIV/AIDS which is a serious disease.

The spread of AIDS by injection can be by drug users sharing needles and syringes. Most drug user love taking drugs in grooups and at times due to ignorance and at times lack of needles and syringes the drug users share the needles and can cause AIDS and other blood related illnesses. Tetanus is another probability as syringes are not sanitized and reused when they shouldn’t.

People should not experiment on drugs as drugs can completely destroy someone’s life. In less developed countries where syringes and needles are an issue and are not easy to get, Drug injections cause up to 40% of infections in the country. The Authorities must take into consideration the drug abuse and its contribution to the spread of HIV and AIDS menace.

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