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However these objectives have to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time scale) In order to be successful and to see whether the company Is developing or not. Pop Boutique has в?500,000 to spend for marketing campaign to support its strategy for up to 8 weeks. Pop Boutique wants to grow their business nationally by the end of 2013. The company wants to raise brand awareness In the UK by 2013. Because of having these objectives the main outcome which I am intended to achieve is to decide the appropriate method of advertising for the pop boutique company.

I can do this by using TV advert, newspapers, bill boards, radio etc. T is extremely important for me to ensure that I stay in budget and produce these campaigns for pop boutiques. The company aim is to increase the sales by 25%. I can make the appropriate camping by using the right type of media to make people aware of my product, as this can help to achieve the company’s aim. Intended Results List any other desired outcomes of the campaign. 2 Increase awareness When working In business environment It Is Important for Pop boutique to be able to stay ahead they need to increase the brand awareness.

Because of this campaign the business would also increase their awareness in the public. Their aim is to grab their consumer’s attention about their business and the unique product. This outcome will help them to build public relation, because of advertising different ways they can increase the awareness of their products, which can help them to Increase the sales. 2 The Pop boutique business is also looking to increase their sales so they could make more profit. They are looking for this outcome because they are aiming to expand the business nationally and this is only possible, if they can increase their sales and make more profit. Increase market share The main outcome is to increase the market share. This can be achieved through repetition and awareness, which makes positive, signs for the public, therefore people more likely to use Pop Boutique’s products. The company can increase market shares as having more customers in the business. 4 Increase profit Through advertisement and campaign, the Pop boutique well get well known in the public, because of this more people will going to shop from there, and also will going to recommend Pop boutique to friend and family , because of this more people will going to shop with them and they will going to make more profit. Reputation of customers The Pop Boutique is aiming to ensure that their customers’ repeat their business and want their customers to buy their products regularly as well as recommend other about Pop Boutique’s unique products. Target Audience Identify the target market through segmentation. A market segment may be related to gender, age, hobbies, house type, occupation etc. Pop Boutique is an expensive organization and their main target audience are people who have some disposable income because they have expensive prices for their product.

People who like vintage clothes and wants to look like celebrities would be Pop Boutique’s customers. Target audience would be age 16 to 40 these includes teenagers because young people prefer to wear expensive, unique and fashionable clothes and also pop boutique has good brand loyalty, that’s why customers prefer to buy clothes from there. Furthermore many celebrities also like to wear vintage, funky and colorful clothes it is also beneficial to target celebrities because they can afford products easily. Specific Tactics What are the specific marketing activities – tactics – for the campaign?

How will you execute each tactic? Specific Tactic How will you execute each tactic? Attention: The way I will go to take consumers attentions is by using billboards, magazine to grab the attention of the consumers. In my point of view it is extremely publisher media, because it is best idea as people can see how the vintage design looks like. I am going to advertise it by using different method because of this I will grab people attention. To grab the attention I will also going to use the company’s logo and make sure the ads match to the color of the company which is mostly likely orange.

It would also be beneficial to use some graphics and pictures to represent hat the company is trying to tell you and to reflect the image of the website, so people find it interesting to visit the stores and website and make sure they fancy product. 2 Interest: I think direct mail is the best media to get people’s attention. Through direct mail I can easily send pictures of new and designer products and special offers to make interesting for people to buy. I am going to use some special offers on clothes and use some good competitor prices to make interesting for people.

This tactic is also achievable because of informing people about the different and new designer ND seasonal clothes which company have. 3 Aspiration: I will increase the desire for my clothing by advertising on different websites like Backbone, twitter etc. This is extremely essential for the business because more teenagers and other people use these socializing sites in order to interact to people. Because of using these sides which are free of cost can help the Pop boutique to sell the product.

I will be using these sites because I can put the pictures of new clothes up, and can get feedback from customers to see what they like and dislike. This can be achievable because it’s really easy to do. Desire: Pop Boutique is very unique business so I believe using radio method is good because you can explain more details about the company within 30 seconds. This tactic is achievable by giving more details about the company and about the products. Pop Boutique is vibrant, funky and colorful with more than a suggestion of retro. Their products are unique, new fashioned and almost liked by celebrities. Action: To achieve this tactic I will provide contact details through all media that I am going to use. I will provide web address through billboards, direct mail, radio, magazine, TV and newspaper. I will also let people know where to find us so people can visit to the shop.. By providing contact details customers can buy the product easily. E. G. Whether to buy online or in the shop. However the company has shops in many different cities but those who can’t visit to the shop, can go on the website and buy anything they like and can be delivered to your door. The website address is: http://www. Pop- boutique. Com/ Required Materials/Components What materials will you require to execute the campaign? (I. E. Printed materials, email designs, copy;rating or design work. ) Required Materials Estimated Cost Broaches cost AY sheet folded and printed as 4 AY pages. 20,000 broaches will be printed. And will be given to retail shops. I will be doing 20,000 copies of ay sheet 20,000 copies cost E. 40 x 20,000 +IEEE = E,160 In a guardian Newspaper Front page h page CACM * 5 columns For one day E,573 x 7 Days = в?39,011 Billboards advertising on near round about and traffic lights.

A Standard Billboard is 10 feet by 20 feet and is known as a 48 sheet. This type of Billboard starts from around IEEE per week (Minimum 2 Week booking) http:// www. Phantasmagorias. Co. UK/site/ I want to use bill boards advertising for two weeks near round about and traffic lights. They have 4 different stores all around the I-J. And in each area there will be bill boards. When bill boards cost IEEE for one week. I will be suing bill board for 2 weeks. So IEEE x 2 Oslo= EYE,OOH Radio London airtime Business Special 6 x 30″ Commercials Per Day 6 x 30″ Commercials per Day IEEE.

OOH x 18 Days= E,982 30 sec TV Advertisement on TV during Soaps 19:30 (3) times a day for seven days. E18274 x 3 = E54822 for 7 days : в?383,754 Direct mail Once every week costs 1 p per mail x x EYE,OOH TOTAL COST: IEEE,907 NOTE: The references and the research for the quotations are attached behind the assignment. Key Messaging What are the key points you want to communicate in this campaign? Pop Boutique is very exotic, funky and colorful company who design retro clothes. 2 The company uses recycle fabrics to make products. One of the most unique points is that company is trusted and liked by many celebrities. 4 Pop Boutique’s clothes are more fashioned, comfort and made by high quality fabrics. 5 Value for money. What is the desired buyer response? How do you want the buyer to feel when he/she sees this campaign? The purpose of this campaign is to attract customers, make buyers aware of the website and persuade them to visit the website and check some other products out. The company wants their customers to feel free and chose the product which they prefer from Pop Boutique online selection.

So the purpose of the campaign bill boards, TV ads is to let people know what they are missing, the By this campaign I want buyer to recommend to others about Pop Boutique and pass the message through other people so because of this business can get well known. One of the main desire respond I am looking forward from viewers to purchase reduces from Pop Boutique so the company could increase their sales, this can help them to gain more profit. If Pop Boutique increase the profit than this will help the company to open more stores in the I-J. Offer/Call to Action What do you want the prospect to do after seeing your campaign?

Want customers to visit the website regularly Raise awareness for the products. Want customers to let their family and friends knows about the experience they will have after visiting to website Follow us on twitter and Backbone I want the consumers to do repeat shopping from the stores and become regular nonusers and I also want them to let other knows about the Pop boutique product. As well as stores I want consumers to keep shopping from the website. Timing What is the chronology and timing of the required action steps and dates for completion? Task Due Date Broaches will be given out to the retail shops.

So I have to print all the broaches out with good design. Week 1 Guardian Newspaper advertising will be for 7 days. I am going to do this once every week but in different days, which will cover for weeks. Because I am doing 7 days, so for the 6th week I will advertise it twice. Cover week 1 to 6 Radio London airtime Business Special 6 x 30″ Commercials Per Day. I will be doing it 18 days. 27th 102/13th 10/04/13 4 Billboards for 2 weeks 13th/03/13 to 27th/03/13 6 The TV ads will be 3 times a day for seven days. These are going to be during soap times 19:30 at evening. Days in first week (Monday and Wednesday) 3 days in second week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) 2 days in 4th week (Wednesday and Friday) 25th and 27th February 2013 7th March 20 Marcher’s Campaign Budget Look at costs for the determined tactics. Set your budget, and remember to calculate it to the appropriate percentage of your overall marketing budget. You’re Budget for this Campaign: Percentage of Overall Marketing Budget: % Justification of Selection Consider the tactics that you have chosen. For each, please consider the: 1 . Selection of content: communication of promotional message, e. G. Eaters, performance, benefits, quality, reliability 2. Developing a promotion plan: choosing promotion mix; timing; frequency; cost; using promotion plan; media mix; use of internet The Pop boutique is retail organization and they are aiming to expand the business nationally therefore I have to set the image and contest of the campaign in the way hat can help to pass the message to the audience through campaign. First of all the main objectives of the business and campaign is to tell consumers know that Pop Boutique is a unique company who produces vibrant, funky, colorful and retro products.

The message we are going to pass on is that products are so comfort, recycle fabrics has been used. We want you to try our products because these are well designed and fashioned and are liked by many celebrities. We are targeting people the age from 16 to 40 years old, because mostly the funky and colorful clothes are used by teenagers and women’s. Our audiences are both male and female but mostly females because the company has wide range of selection available for women’s. To be able to persuade customers to buy our product I am using 6 different types of media for this campaign.

This is to make awareness of the brand all around the I-J. The main purpose of using different type of media is that catch consumers attention and can help us to achieve the company’s aim. Therefore choosing a variety of media would reach to the specific audience where they want to increase the awareness. The main objective of campaign is to attract more customers. Therefore our message is going to be short and we will use graphics, pictures and some color to make it look attractive and eye catching so because of this people feel interested while looking or watching the ads campaign.

The message we are going to put cross is that Pop Boutique provides unique and funky products. Therefore we are also going to inform about the summer collection, some special offers and discount on some of the products. In the publish media e. G. Newspaper, TV, direct mail etc. We will put some pictures of seasonal products and prices to show people how much is going to costs. On the billboard we will only be working on where and how to contact Pop Boutique. We are also going to provide our Web address on the publish media, such as on newspaper, magazine and billboards so because of this people can find us easily.

The Guardian Newspaper is a national paper therefore I think it would be the best idea to promote the campaign there. The main purpose of choosing this particular newspaper is that it is expensive and only those people read it, which have enough income to spend on their essential expenditure. In my point of view the readers of this newspaper can afford Pop Boutique products and more likely to buy it. I decided to advertise once every week for 6 weeks. But in the last week I will be advertising twice in week. The campaign could run for the longer period.

I think Sunday is the best day to advertise because the majority of people have a holiday and they sit at home and read the newspaper during their tea time or when they have breakfast. I believe this is a good ways of sending the message cross. However I am also considering to advertise in different days as well, for example for the following ad comes on Saturday paper, the week after will be on Thursday paper to make sure people gets our message that we are ring to send to people. We are going to attract customers’ attention by providing some special offers. For example if you spend EYE gets 20% off on your next shopping.

We will provide a promotional code on the newspaper for customers to get some discount for online shopping while entering the promotional code on the website. We are expecting 20000 items should be sold by the respond of newspaper ads and this will possibly make at least IEEE,OOH sales on this promotional method. I also have chosen Radio London advertising method to make awareness of the brand and company itself in order to get well known by the consumers. I think this was the best idea because London is a Capital and tourist attraction city and this is good method to inform people about Pop Boutique so they can shop from this organization.

The radio campaign will run for 3 weeks and six times a day in order to ensure that people listen to our message. The reason of choosing a radio ad to play for 30 seconds 6 times a day because people have a busy life and they would definitely come cross the advert once in these 6 times. The time I chose is 7 o’clock in the morning, 12:pm, half pm, 5:pm and 7:30 in the evening. I have chosen these mimes because the research says these are the times when most audience will likely listen to the radio.

The message we will send through radio is; one of the best and recognizable business who produces funky, stylish and comfy dresses for celebrities Pop boutique is providing the best deals on new vintage clothes, you can also visit the website to find out more information; www. Boutique. Co. UK. This business is aiming to open more stores soon all around in the I-J to make life easier for you to visit to the shop. The company is expecting at least 20000 customers to visit the Bessie and buy things and make recommendations, so Pop Boutique become one of the best and well-known vintage cloths provider.

When making a campaign and aiming to interact customers billboards are one of the best ideas to use, because billboard will be read by many people across the country. I have decided to advertise on the billboard for the full 2 weeks in all of 4 cities of the I-J where Pop boutique have stores in order to attain people’s attention. Billboards will have some graphics, pictures, company logo and web address to explain what is company targeting for, ND where can you find the stores and contact detail etc.

All together 100 billboards going to be used in the I-J, mostly are going to be on the roads on traffic lights and motorways near the roundabouts. I also believe that direct mail and brooches is another good way to promote the business and increase customers as well as. The direct mail will be send to many of our existing customers to inform them about the new and latest product. Therefore we are also looking to promote products in a new market. We are going to send email to families to inform that we have some special offers on vintage clothes.

The direct mail would be sent out once every week, giving the message of new summer collection and providing direct web address to visit to the website. There would be a promotional code to get some 5% discount on when they spend over EYE. I also believe that direct mail is very less read by the people but our main subject is going to be 20% off on most of the products and get 5% discount on top of it, to make people to read the direct mail. And broaches will be given to the retails hops so when people come to buy the clothes they can take the broaches and sit the stores and buy the clothes.

It is AY with 5 sided, with some graphics and other images on it. I have also decided to do an ad campaign on ‘TV. This is going to be a very expensive method of advertising but the company has to take this risk in order to be well-known in the I-J, so they could expand the business nationally. I have chosen TV channel because I believe more people watch soaps on ‘TV. So because of the TV ad we are going to inform about the special offers, new collection, and inform them about the promotional code to visit online to get some discount on our most of products.

Our main objective is to make customers to visit the store or the website and buy Pop Boutique’s products, so company could make some profit, which would be helpful in future when opening more stores in the I-J. The reason of selecting this method is to achieve the objective, by informing about the new and summer collection, different offers and making awareness of the business as well as brand in the I-J, also increasing customers and market shares. If the company achieve these objectives then it would be really essential because they will be able to expand the business nationally.

Furthermore the scheme of promotional code will help the company to find out which sorts of advertising method customers used in order to visit the website. When consumers place orders through website they will ask to fill some detail. Customers have to tell us how have they been recommended to visit our website and the promotional code will be collected automatically by the and which method of advertising as helped more in order to achieve the aim of the Pop boutique business. This is extremely beneficial for the company as this can help the company to select the best type of media for advertising in the future.

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