Description Of The Painting Essay Example
Description Of The Painting Essay Example

Description Of The Painting Essay Example

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  • Published: April 29, 2018
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Description of the painting. Most of these people are simple and poor, women with children, and the min rarity are rich. Their moods are very contradictory. Departure of Columbus to America was perceived in different ways by people. We see that people of different social statuses have entirely different reactions to his boy GE.

The first one who catches the eye is a sad monk, who understands that this is the wrong at attitude. In this case, he is alone. We see how a young man takes his blessing and kisses his lord's hand.

In addition, we can see a sad woman in a lively attire, it is most likely that she I s his beloved woman who sends him into the unknown, and she realizes that he may not co


me back. The trip is very long and dangerous. There are two of her brothers from a rich family.

The eye both rather envy Columbus, they think he is very lucky, and would like to be in his place. Perhaps as their father sitting in the boat with them did not give them permission to leave the country

We see a lot of poor people who are going to sail alongside Columbus as labor r force to earn money and feed their families. They are escorted by sad women who are gene unlikely suffering on behalf of their children and husbands. An elderly woman turned her gaze to h ere only son, who is pulling the sails on the ship. He is all that she has. We see a very rich and hightailing man, he is supposed to be a sponsor who has

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invested a considerable amount of money in this voyage.

His dejected wife is crying on h is shoulders, accompanying him (she might be seeing him for the last time... ). The man is v ere sensuous, concentrated and he must be unhappy, because he is not sure about the such sees of journey (he could lose all his money).

At the same time, we see a priest of high rank (obviously he has good relation ship with the Queen), he blesses Columbus for a good trip. Columbus feels himself very majestically, as a future hero. He fanatically belie eves and knows that there is unexplored land.

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