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RYAN ADELANTE CORTEZ is the 4th among the five kids of Mr. and Mrs. Esteban Cortez and Ludivina Cortez. Born on August 05. 1992. he finished his simple instruction at Jaen Central School in 2005. her secondary instruction at San Jose High School ( SJHS ) in 2009. He pursued his college instruction at the Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College-College of Teacher Education. South Cluster Campus. Tagudin. Ilocos Sur last 2013 with the degree Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. Last September 29. 2013. he passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers. He was hired as a schoolroom instructor in June 2013 at Sta. Veronica College. Inc. . Bacnotan. La Union and transferred at CICOSAT COLLEGES. Lingsat. City of San Fernando. La Union wherein he is soon learning. At CICOSAT COLLEGES. he was assigned as the school paper advisor. He attended several seminars in English and division and regional imperativeness conference and workshop in campus news media. Aside from learning his field of specialisation. he besides experienced learning Filipino. Araling Panlipunan. Values instruction and Computer Education.

Now is the minute of truth. for the sweetest wages is at manus. For four old ages I have experienced laughter and sorrows. adversities and challenges along the manner. Before. dreams seemed impossible to make ; obstructions were so many. as if they were meant to stop. The glorification is non for me entirely for all I know that much of this success I owe it to the people who made important dimensions in my life. I am indebted to show my thankful grasp. deepest recognition and heartfelt gratitude to those who shared thier kindness. clip and attempt. support and cooperation. suggestions and constructive unfavorable judgment for the realisation of this survey.

To Dr. Helen C. Abella. the OIC Graduate Dean of ISPSC South Cluster. Graduate School. To Dr. Ederlina M. Sumail. the OIC Campus Director of Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College. To Sir Ernest D. Padiwan. my teacher in Methods of Research for his moral and rational advices and support. My particular thanks.

-R. A Cortez


To the work forces of my life ;
My patient male parent. Esteban ;
and my fine-looking brothers ;
Marvin and Christopher.

To the adult females of my life ;
my of all time supportive female parent ;
and my favorite sisters ;
Ethel and Louiela.

Above all. our Greatest and Most Intelligent Educator ;
The Almighty God.
for He is my beginning of everything. love. wisdom and life.

This work of head and bosom is dedicated.

CORTEZ. RYAN A. Maestro of Science in Education-English I. Ilocos Sur
Polytechnic State College. Graduate School. South Cluster-Tagudin Campus. Tagudin. Ilocos Sur. “INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDE IN ENGLISH VII ( WRITING SKILLS ) FOR CICOSAT COLLEGES-BASIC EDUCATION. SAN FERNANDO CITY. LA UNION” .

Teacher: Ernest D. Padiwan. MAEd.
This survey focused on the preparation. building and proof of an instructional stuff in learning English ( Writing Skills ) so as to assist ease the worsening composing accomplishments of the respondents. Specifically. it sought replies to the undermentioned sub-problems. What is the degree of competency in English ( composing accomplishments ) of the class seven high school pupils along the composing accomplishments? What are the common troubles encountered by the said pupils along composing accomplishments? What is the extent of the handiness of Instructional stuffs in authorship in the school? What instructional stuff can be proposed to heighten the composing accomplishments of the pupils? What is the degree of acceptableness of the proposed instructional stuff based on the extent of rating done by three ( 3 ) experienced English teachers or instructors? A entire numbering of 60 class seven high school pupils in CICOSAT COLLEGES-Basic Education was employed and the research worker used the self-analysis study method in seeking to garner the information. The research worker used three ( 3 ) experienced English teachers to find the acceptableness of the IM. Frequency count. per centum. ranking and leaden mean were used as statistical tools in the survey. :

1. A faculty in English Language ( Writing Skills ) had been made or developed. On the bases of the above findings the undermentioned decisions were drawn: 1. The faculty in English linguistic communication. peculiarly in authorship is needed to assist the users enhance and better their authorship accomplishments. 2. The proposed faculty in English linguistic communication on the country of authorship was much acceptable and ready for usage by the 4th twelvemonth high school pupils of CICOSAT COLLEGES-Basic Education and ; 3. The proposed faculty was made to supplement the demands of the class seven high school pupils of CICOSAT COLLEGES-Basic Education. Lingsat. City of San Fernando. La Union and ; In order that the proposed faculty in English Language ( composing ) the class seven high school pupils of CICOSAT COLLEGES-Basic Education. Lingsat. City of San Fernando. La Union to be to the full functional or to function its intended intent. the following are suggested/recommended: 1. There should be uninterrupted. changeless or regular usage of the faculty in all English categories where relevant. to keep the degree of aid to pupils. 2. Similar surveies must be conducted on a regular basis to look into on the position of the consequence of the faculty to the pupils. 3. Infusion of modern-day related topics/new germinating subjects into the faculty ; and 4. Construction of similar faculties in English Language ( composing ) should besides promote heightening wholly the composing accomplishments of the pupils.

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