Compare and Contrast Spanish and British Colonization Efforts in North America Prior to 1763. Essay

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Spanish and English colonisation attempts were really different with the English’s methods being more successful and profitable. Spanish colonisation of the Americas began in 1492 when Christopher Columbus found the Americas and misidentify them for India. Spanish Conquistadors came with the ends of “God. Gold. and Glory” and came seeking gold and wealths. The Spanish besides came with instructions to change over the indigens to Catholicism. They invested in short term ventures that while ab initio really profitable were non sustainable. English colonists came as households or apprenticed retainers to take advantage of the chances of the New World and to get away spiritual persecution. The first lasting English settlement was Jamestown and was founded with net income in head. The settlement was ab initio controlled by a joint stock company. This one was more similar to Spain in that most settlers were work forces looking for an chance in the New World. Other settlements were founded by spiritual groups who were flying persecution. One of the most celebrated and good known are the Pilgrims who founded the settlement of Plymouth. Unlike the Spanish. there was ne’er truly an attempt to change over the Native Americans. Rather than happening gold and Ag. English colonists profited from the cultivation of harvests such as baccy. Other ventures were angling. timber. and ship edifice. The diverseness largely ensured long term and sustainable net income.

Comparing Spanish and English colonial attempts reveals that important differences. However. there were some similarities. Both states used New World colonies to foster their mercantile ends. Both states destroyed native populations through the spread of diseases. By the late 18th and early 19th Centuries. both states would lose their chief New World settlements. Although Spain had over 100 old ages “head start” in the New World. Spain’s methods and trust of unsustainable ventures like Gold and Silver greatly affected the state in the long term. In this. English colonising much more profitable and successful so Spain’s.

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