Chemistry Final Exam Version Essay

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Directions: It is important that you provide answers In your own words. Please focus only on information from the text/eBook to create your own solutions. Please do not use direct Information from an outside source (especially copying and pasting from an “answer” website). Use of direct Information from an outside source Is against school policy. All answers will be checked for plagiarism. Instances of plagiarism can result In probation or possible dismissal from the school.

Please be sure to follow all deadlines (number of sentences/slowing all calculations) and to provide the correct metric units of measure. All questions are 5 points (1 point for sentence number / units). 1 . A student collected the following data for a fixed volume of gas: Temperature (co) Pressure (mm of Hag) 10 726 20 750 800 70 880 100 960 150 Fill in the missing data point. Show all calculations leading to an answer. 2. You are given a clear solution of KNOW. Using 3 – 4 sentences (In your own words) explain how you would determine If the solution Is unsaturated, saturated or supersaturated. Explain why gasoline will not dissolve in water. Cool on a hot day. 5. You have two sealed

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Jars of water at the same temperature. In the first Jar there is a large amount of water. In the second Jar there is a small amount of water. Using 3 -4 sentences explain how the vapor pressure of water in the first Jar compares with the vapor pressure of water in the second Jar. 6. Using 3 – 4 sentences explain (in your own words) why water expands when it freezes? 7. An aqueous solution is labeled as 0. 25 m Nasal. What is the mole fraction of the solute in this solution? Show all calculations leading to an answer. . An aqueous solution freezes at -3. ICC. What is its boiling point? Show all calculations leading to an answer. 9. If 6. 40 kcal of heat is added to 1. 00 keg of ice at CO, how much liquid water at CO is produced? Show all calculations leading to an answer. 10. The freezing of water at CO can be represented as follows: H2O (l) H2O(s) The density of liquid water is 1. 00 g/cam. The density of ice is 0. 92 g/cam. In 3-4 sentences explain why applying pressure causes ice to melt. 11. The K of water varies with temperature. Calculate the pH of water at ICC with a 12.

Calculate the hydroxide ion concentration of a solution with pH = 10. 25. Show all 13. What salt results from the naturalization of acetic acid with potassium hydroxide? 14. What is the oxidation number of phosphorus in IPPP? 15. Which element is oxidized in the following reaction: cue(S) + H2O (g) cue(S) + H2O (l) 16. Why must the number of electrons lost equal the number of electrons gained in every redo reaction? Use 3 – 4 sentences in your own words to address this question. 17. The following unbalanced equation describes the reaction that can occur when nitrogen trioxide, NEON, is combined with hydrazine, NH.

NEON (l) + NH (l) 0 NO (g) + H2O (g) Balance the equation and describe in words the electron transfer(s) that takes place. 18. What type of radiation is emitted when K-38 decays into Ca-38? Show the nuclear equation that leads you to this answer. Particle. What was the identity of the original nucleus? Show the nuclear equation that leads you to this answer. 20. Tritium (H-3) has a half-life of 12. 3 years. How old is a bottle of olive oil if the tritium content is 25% that off new sample of olive oil? Show all calculations leading to a solution.

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