Characteristics of a Good Manager

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A “manager” is that person who works in an organization so that human and material resources may be effectively used to achieve the desired objectives. He is like an athletic coach who tries to help each member of his team to strengthen his good points and to improve upon the weak points. A good manager possesses a systematized body of knowledge which provides fundamental truths which he can utilize in his job.

It is essential for a good manager to possess following qualities for handling his role efficiently.The manager requires an ability to think clearly in regard with deciding management policies. 2. To be able to device workable plans and have a capacity for dealing with new problems with energy, initiative and imagination. 3. The manager must have proper understanding of human behavior because he has to win their confidence including ability to convince and persuade.

4. The manager must have an ambivalent personality from a strong extrovertism so as to develop effective planning accuracy in details and sensitivity to the feelings of others. 5. The manager must be expert in communication.6. He must be emotionally matured.

7. When anything goes wrong he should keep patience together with ability to preserve and overcome discouragement. 8. He must have the ability to identify with a person or object. 9.

The manager must be highly educated because good education increases the ability to make systemic research and investigation. 10. Capacity to appraise organizational performance against objectives, policies and goals of the organization and also to assist in appraisal of employees performance related to organizational goals is essential for a manager.11. For confidence and good-will establishment between management and working people he should possess the strength of character, integrity, reliability and a sense of justice (Hoque, 2000; J, 2005). In Hotel Hospitality International hotel products vary, and each type of hotel product serves a certain level of consumer demand.

International tourists bring their own cultural expectations to the demand for provision of lodging facilities, quality, and service.The development of international hotels is this concerned with identifying market demands for hotel facilities in particular locations. In the past decades, international hotel companies concentrated on building luxury and upscale hotels and resorts around the world to serve tourists from the developed Western countries. Since the early 1990s, international hotel companies have noticed that growth at the high end of the hotel segment slowed down worldwide, but demand for two-star and three star midscale hotels has been on the rise in many countries with emerging economies.When an international hospitality company decides to enter a foreign country by building a new hotel, it has to consider a wide range of development issues and concerns.

Foreign hotel development is determined by various political, economic, financial, socio-cultural, and environmental factors. Global expansion of hospitality operations has increasingly become a strategic development for many firms. The rapid global development has created a demand form the hospitality industry for competent and qualified global managers.How can one become a competent global manager? One needs to be proficient in management skills and an effective leader in managing cultural diversity. The technical management skills and the people-oriented skills are equally important qualifications one must demonstrate for overseas operations.

For instance, some governments may encourage foreign hotel developers to build hotels in their countries by offering attractive development incentives, or discourage foreign hotel investors by setting up some tough entry barriers.Furthermore, a country’s political stability has a direct and significant impact on foreign hospitality operations. Hospitality investments and management risks are closely linked with the stability of a country’s political system. Therefore, international hospitality corporations must examine and understand the nature of the different governments under various political systems before they expand hospitality operations into these countries (Yu, 1999). Summary and Conclusion There is no doubt that quality in the hotel industry is an important issue.

Delivering quality hospitality operations involves reliability providing accommodation, food, service and entertainment within an environment that meets the expectations of customers, simultaneously creating opportunities for adding value that will exceed expectations and result in delight and repeat purchases or recommendations. Managing quality in hospitality operations is difficult, complicated by the complex blend of production and service elements that need to be managed over the short cycle of operations (Pyo, 2001).In regard with above said qualities the manager has to fulfill the duty of understanding of dynamic process in which free men pool their efforts and abilities. He holds his organization, discovers and adopts sound, up-to-date policies in employee relationships and, on occasions review them. He formulates appropriate actions to implement and carry out these policies in actual programs and practice (J, 2005).References:Boella, M.

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