Case of Susan Shapiro Essay Example
Case of Susan Shapiro Essay Example

Case of Susan Shapiro Essay Example

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  • Published: November 5, 2017
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“The Case of Susan Shapiro” Susan’s Behaviour Susan is a Jewish girl who is brilliant but irate tempered, complaining and conclusive personality.

Susan’s nature of expecting a predetermined behaviour from others, preconceived notions added to her conclusive attitude has become the cause of conflict in her personality. Susan is in ethical dilemma whether to leave the organization after she was confronted with - what she thinks as conflicting situations in the workplace. She jumps into conclusion without due and adequate evidence.Attributing to her very nature she feels that chemistry is not suitable to her which was proved wrong by the fact that she got job because of her chemistry academic background. Also she was apprehensive of not getting job being a Jew.

This might have been formed in her mind subconsciously and so her beliefs are based on misinterpretation of some past experiences. This is well evident from the fact that she left the research division of Parke–Davis only because one of her male colleagues asked her to fetch coffee for him.This is an individual attribute of that person and she is not being fair by attributing it to the whole organisation in general. She moves out and avoids it instead of trying to comprehend the situation which also shows her impulsive nature. Susan needs to understand that circumstances are not in an individual’s control but the reactions and conduct are.

Outcomes or events should be determined by one’s conduct and attitude and not the other way round.If she felt that the organization was not ready for women, instead of moving away she should have tried t


o act, talk and carry her in a fashion which would have helped her in understanding the situation rather than jumping to the conclusion. She seems to be plagued with catastrophysing cognition belief and finds her job training very unsatisfactory. She wishes things always happen her way. She feels frustrated and becomes angry when the foreman and personnel manager replies in a frivolous manner without actually understanding the situation.

Her insubordination excludes herself from taking certain ethical decisions which are needed beyond her individual rationality. May be she should also try and comprehend why the management is not looking into the matter seriously. For that matter, she should also understand that if the foreman knows about the potential health benefits then why he is not concerned. Susan displays a utilitarian tendency throughout the case and seems to be highly concerned about public interest. This reflects on her social contract orientation.She judges her actions of leaving Parke-Davis and voicing concerns against the benzene formulation right since these actions are consistent with self-chosen universal principles of equality and universal justice.

Her belief of mental filter made her look at the situation only in terms of negative events. Based on these opinions she chose MBA as her career as against PhD without thinking what kind of problems she might face in this field unrelated to her previous field of study.Her inconclusive nature is evident when she says that marketing is a manipulative unethical subject. She is comfortable with more definitive subjects like finance and economics where the level

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of uncertainty is less. Dichotomous thinking of either yes or no led to her faulty notions.

There are multiple alternatives in many situations which have uncertain and mixed outcomes and all of them have to be accounted for. Working in the communal farms in Israel during war shows she gives importance to values concerned with human welfare than anything else.Values are something which guide us when we make decisions and a person should hold on to her / his values in case of a dilemma. Key thing to the ethical system is responsibility for the well being of other members of that group.

Susan’s staying back at the hospital at the time of war well reflects that she well understands he duties and does not shy away from them. Also, she is not worried about the personal implications and considers the larger societal good more imperative.However, this decision has had a long term implication on her in form of low grades and the subsequent loss of the finance placements at college. This has landed her in a marketing job where she is facing the ethical dilemma in question.

My advice to Susan Her decision needs to consider multiple alternatives. The two options that Susan has are either to quit or to continue which demands a balanced decision. She can quit or she can neglect whatever is happening.Quitting the job may avoid her of the entire situation however it doesn’t seem to be the best option available. Exit from the organization doesn’t seem to be a great choice as her very nature contradicts to leave when others are suffering.

All ethical decisions have multiple alternatives. Another alternative which emerges is to stay with the company, identify herself as a part of the system and then try to change it from within as per need keeping in mind the extended consequences and personal implications of each and every decision she makes.However, she must not be as impulsive as always. Instead, she should take some more time before she decides how to go about it. Maybe she could choose take the issues to appropriate authority in the company.

However, for this, she needs to understand the organization structure better. This should give her a cue that from then on, she should not dismiss any thing as being irrelevant or un-necessary. She must try to make them understand the actual implications of the benzene concentration in the formulation.It means finding wiser ways of communicating the concern to the management. If at all she leaves the organization there is no end for the problem as challenges exists throughout the life. But one who looks at them as opportunities for changing the scenario will persist and reach her/his goals.

If she thinks a bit putting her exaggerated value for her self-esteem aside, it would be worth staying back and motivating staff through disseminating the information regarding the harmful effects of high concentration of benzene.This would help her in developing patience; enhance persistence and getting rid of excess self pride. .Given her nature Susan may not accept the advice immediately owing to her impulsive character and conclusive

ideology but surely she will get to know through experience if she confronts with more situations like this in future. But a convincing argument made above can surely evoke her thought process which results in a win-win situation.