Business Proposal for Gym in Retail Sector
Business Proposal for Gym in Retail Sector

Business Proposal for Gym in Retail Sector

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  • Published: August 20, 2017
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The location of the gym will be on a chief route with good parking installations. This will assist the gym grow with members as it attracts people because of the location and give people advantages to fall in the gym with ample parking. There is n’t much history about the gym because it is a band new concern but the thought came to me about 5 months ago when I was n’t satisfied with what other gyms offered to clients.

The concern is situated in the retail sector because it provides gym equipment to people who do n’t hold room at their houses or they can non afford all the equipment themselves. The Prime map of the concern is to supply gym equipment to people every bit good as assist them accomplish their fittingness ends. The gym offers a broad scope of merchandises and equipment get downing from bags, drinks and vesture to dumbells, treadmills and benches. ( Cambridge

Preliminary Business Studies – page 269 )

Purpose of the Plan

There can be many intents for a concern program. The program should supply a house with a clear way f


or the hereafter and identifies the chief ends of the concern. /

The ends of the gym would be societal, fiscal and environmental ends. The societal ends that the gym would wish to accomplish would be good service to frequenters that use the installations, assisting the community through sponsorships of local sporting nines and assisting out schools through carry oning sport lessons in the gym.

Fiscal ends that the gym would wish accomplish would be to increase the proprietor ‘s wealth through increased market portion, increased degree of hard currency flow and increased degree of liquidness. But increasing wealth is one of the aims. The other fiscal aim would

be to understate the wastage of money on points or merchandises that will non assist the gym grow and non falling into heavy debt.

Environmental ends that the gym would wish to accomplish would be to utilize electricity expeditiously, put in energy efficient contraptions, minimise waste and disposing of the waste

decently. ( Cambridge Preliminary Business Studies – page 269 ) V

Situational Analysis


External ac4


( lob ortunities

Good aid provided by employees

Great rank trades Cheap monetary values

Good location

R •



Not plenty employees when concern is busy

Toilet installations excessively little


Poor Receptionist

• • • • •

( Cambridge Preliminary Business Studies – page 248 )

Business Aims and Schemes

The concern aims and schemes subdivision of the concern program outlines what the concern purposes to accomplish, including overall strategic ends. These ends will be based on research from the situational analysis.

The Aims of the Gym are to seek and extinguish the failings in the concern and do them one of the strengths by working on them with one another

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and besides to better on strengths and seek to do them stronger.

Another Objective would be to take every chance possible to assist the concern grow and seek to work around maintaining menaces off from the concern.

The concluding Objective would be to better fiscal wealth for the proprietor and to construct a good repute within the community so people feel invited and welcomed when they visit the gym.

These aims can be accomplished through employees and proprietor working together. This means that employees can assist one another with failings and better on strengths each individual has to offer. Besides, the proprietor must be willing to pass money for the betterment of the concern. These betterments will include things like redevelopments

when needed, sponsorships and purchasing excess stock. ( Cambridge Preliminary Business Studies – page 271 )


Description of the service

The engineering used will be modern. The usage of large telecastings near treadmills and cardiovascular equipment will assist people enjoy themselves while exerting. Memberships, hard currency minutess, and general concern will be done on computing machines set up on the forepart counter and in the chief office. This will include eftpos installations, pressmans, hard currency registry connected to computing machine. If possible that all 3 computing machines be linked so ranks can be done on all 3 computing machines and do reclamations, show current members, on these computing machines. This will do work more convenient.

Equipment and stuffs required will be based on how large the gym is and how rapidly the concern grows. Equipment required will be:

Medicine balls • Accessories • Boxing Gear

Gym shocking • Barbells • Cable Attachments

Weight plates • Benches • Dumbells

Materials that will be required will be things that are needed for daily operations. These stuffs are:

Filing Cabinets. Noticeboard • Paper

Cabinets • Shop Fittings. Pens

Electric refrigerators. Office Furniture • Chairs

Supplies that will be used will include:

Addendums • Gym Singlets. Membership Packages

Gym Equipment • Sports Drinks ( Bag, Towel, Bottle )

Staff Uniform

Staff will necessitate to hold a Timetable/Roster to inform them when they are working. This roll will be completed every Saturday. For the Staff that do non work on the weekends or dont have a opportunity to see the roll, the roll will be emailed to all staff members on the Saturday. This will extinguish the alibi of non cognizing when and what clip staff are working.

The testing and evaluating disbursals would be high because of the big sum of equipment needed to get down up and besides the edification of the engineering used in the gym. The supplies would be a spot because of the ne’er stoping demand for it. ( Cambridge

Preliminary Business Studies – page 271 )

Forces demands and accomplishments

The gym should enroll staff harmonizing to their makings and experience. Staff that are recruited should all specialize in a mark country which they occupy during their work times at the gym. Examples of this would be some workers may merely be on the forepart counter, working on the computing machines. Others may be working on cardio and strength exercisings. This will maintain things running swimmingly and be more convenient for frequenters to profit from these people.

The staff would be qualified

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