Biddy’s Bakery: Operations Management
Biddy’s Bakery: Operations Management

Biddy’s Bakery: Operations Management

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1. Elizabeth’s largest challenge sing her capacity demands. is that she outgrew her foremost facility’s capacity and so decided to travel to a much larger installation where she realized she had well more capacity than needed for her concern. Elizabeth is basically paying for a installation she is non utilizing to the full ; therefore her gross revenues outlooks are non being met because of the measures she needs to pay with fresh infinite. Elizabeth should hold researched more into the installation layout before make up one's minding to up and travel her concern to a new location. With sing this first. she could hold accurately decided if the new edifice was the right tantrum for the agreement of resources in the installation to heighten the bring forthing procedure.

2. The proposal the concern pupils at the university made for Elizabeth might non be the right construction for her concern due to the layout they are suggesting affecting a insistent operation design. With a insistent operation. the merchandise assortment is low. the grade of standardisation is high. and the throughput clip is shorter. These are all features that would non suit the concern for a bakeshop. Her operation is Intermittent. A bakeshop is labour-intensive. because of the specialised orders taken by clients that Elizabeth and her concern takes pride in.

The workers need to be able to execute different undertakings. depending on the procedures needed of the merchandises being produced. The student’s merely suggesting the production of the McDoogle pie in big volumes. alterations Elizabeth’s whole operations from Intermittent to Repetitive. She would necessitate to make an assembly line


type of organisation and still endure from fresh capacity because she would so be cutting out a big portion of her companies merchandises by no longer taking particular petition orders.

3. Elizabeth’s bakeshop is Intermittent affecting the usage of undertaking procedures. batch processes. or a combination of the two. With a insistent operation. the one the pupils suggest. would affect line processes or a uninterrupted procedure both operating on a standard merchandise produced rapidly but with small to no customization of the merchandises. Insistent operations are non merely big volume with small customization ; they are extremely capital intensifier where Elizabeth’s operation is labour intensive necessitating specialized with workers with a assortment of accomplishments.

4. The concern would be really different if Elizabeth decides to accept the university student’s proposal. She would be altering her whole operations system and would necessitate mechanization equipment since she would merely be bring forthing one type of pie instead so the assortment she has been used to. She would besides hold fewer stock lists and chiefly have to form the layout otherwise to suit the new processing demands. The clip nevertheless. would be increased and she would perchance see an addition in gross revenues. The mission she originally set-forth with her concern was bring forthing a assortment of adust goods with antique manner and gustatory sensation. With accepting a insistent design. her mission statement would non be altered.

5. I chiefly would propose maintaining an Intermittent design in the new edifice because Elizabeth’s concern requires a assortment of craft qualities

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non available with mass production. By accepting the pupil proposal and holding her pies sold in a shop. would intend she would be viing on a graduated table she is non used to which is monetary value. With customization. she can maintain her monetary values comparatively high. Elizabeth may necessitate to engage more skilled workers in her field in hopes of doing her through procedure faster and necessarily. her adust goods to her clients sooner. By doing her concern focal point more on the McDoodle pie in the new edifice is non wholly out of the cards.

Elizabeth could hold both an intermittent and insistent construction with the purchase of some mechanization to assist rush up certain procedures while maintaining the layout design in the edifice separate. Most of her gross revenues come from that pie so a larger per centum can be focused on that pie. FMS is a manner for Elizabeth to hold an machine-controlled system while still uniting the flexibleness her intermittent operation has to offer. with the efficiency still in tact of uninterrupted operations. With this thought of uniting some engineering with her operation but still maintaining her grouping technique of workstations. may assist rush up her procedure and maintain her assortment baked goods in the hopes of increasing gross revenues to assist with measures while extinguishing fresh infinite so Elizabeth can work at full capacity.