Memo: Management and Spa Works Essay Example
Memo: Management and Spa Works Essay Example

Memo: Management and Spa Works Essay Example

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  • Published: July 3, 2016
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Hello Adrian. Spa Works has experienced significant growth through the opening of new locations and acquiring competitors, resulting in impressive profits and investments in the organization's information system. However, this expansion has revealed challenges with their existing legacy systems that are not able to handle these changes effectively. The higher transaction volume and day-to-day operations have affected financial reporting and decision-making. As a result, a proposal has been made for the formation of a five-member advisory committee to assist in the creation of a new integrated system that will enhance Spa Works' business processes.

Below are the presented roles and responsibilities of the advisory committee members:

Information Systems Manager

The objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive system that improves daily operations and reporting for acc


ounting and human resources at Spa Works. The committee has assigned the IS manager to align strategic IS planning with the company's overall strategy in order to achieve this goal. The IS manager will provide recommendations on hardware and software upgrades required for the system applications, ensuring smooth functionality.

The role of the IS manager is crucial in ensuring that the organization endorses and implements an efficient and user-friendly system design. As part of the advisory board, the IS manager facilitates the installation of security and recovery software, develops training strategies for personnel, and ensures alignment with IT policies. Furthermore, they prepare a detailed breakdown of expenses for senior-level executives to review.

Finance Director

The finance director is responsible for various tasks related to replacing legacy systems with new ones. These include evaluating the strategic role of such

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replacements and their associated costs. They will also analyze the major cost drivers involved and ensure that the development project for the new system remains within budget. Furthermore, the finance director will assess the significance of all project initiatives and provide recommendations on which ones should be prioritized in terms of funding. Additionally, they will conduct both short-term and long-term analyses to guarantee adequate funding in case of any failure or unforeseen delays in implementing information systems.

The finance director will oversee the monitoring of all outflows and implement cash controls. They will also work with the IT team to improve accuracy and reliability in producing financial reports. The finance director will contribute to the design of the new system, including advising on report format and presentation, as it needs to incorporate financial information from all Spa Works locations. Executives will make business decisions based on how this information is presented in the reports.

Human Resource Manager

Spa Works has experienced a substantial growth, resulting in a higher number of employees. The objective of the new information system is to enhance the HR function by ensuring high standards and ease of use. This entails automating various aspects such as payroll, employee time scheduling, attendance monitoring, tax provisions, benefits, as well as hiring and training processes.

Furthermore, following the implementation of the new integrated system, the HR department will be in charge of coordinating learning and development for the company's employees. This entails creating an action plan that outlines training strategies and their implementation, as well as identifying the necessary skills for operating the new system and utilizing assessment results for hiring. The

HR team will also be responsible for gathering and evaluating user feedback on the new system, and reporting these findings to the relevant executives and committee members.

Operations/Spa Manager

The new information system aims to assist Spa Works in its day-to-day operations. Including the operations manager in the advisory committee will provide knowledge of the organization's standard operating procedures and their connection to the IT department. This includes interactions with customers and suppliers, employee supervision, resource allocation, budget adherence, and a comprehensive understanding of the business cycle.

The development team needs to be aware of all the operations details in order to create an integrated system. An "intelligent" information system would benefit the company's business process and enhance customer/supplier service. For instance, the new system would enable Spa Works' customers to independently reserve services and spa packages instead of relying on the customer service desk. This would lead to increased customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage.

Marketing Director

By achieving operational excellence, customer and supplier satisfaction, and improved decision-making, the company can greatly increase its chances of gaining a competitive advantage. To ensure this, it is important that the development project aligns with the organization's strategic goals. The advisory committee has chosen a marketing director to join in order to help create effective marketing plans and business development activities. By integrating a system, Spa Works will be able to gather more information about customer preferences, nutrition and health data, and availability. Having access to this information enables the marketing and development team to personalize advertising and promotions based on each individual customer's preferences.

An advisory committee is

essential for ensuring that new project developments align with the organization's strategy. I am confident that the recommended members will improve alignment, enabling Spa Works to achieve its goals and objectives, enhance business processes, and gain a competitive advantage.

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