Behavioral Role Play Intervention Essay Example
Behavioral Role Play Intervention Essay Example

Behavioral Role Play Intervention Essay Example

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  • Published: December 11, 2017
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Curriculum developers are implementing new and differentiating techniques to uplift the students and they are developing strategies that would enhance the working of students.

Engaging students in certain activities in which they act out the role of characters, or parts, that may have personalities is known as the process of role playing. For behavioral practice role playing is becoming one of the favorite strategies of teachers and curriculum developers.In role playing students are placed in a specific scenario in which they are given a situation, background information, environmental information and trigger. And then the instructor depicts how the student handles the situation. Usually when the scenario is completed teacher and students discuss the events of the scenario and evaluate the outcomes.

In role playing the instructor must elaborate the purpose of the activ


ity and the ultimate goal that has to be achieved, furthermore there must be a clear understanding of the lesson that is to be learned.Some times instructors often feel uncomfortable with this type of instructional strategy because they need to implement certain class room strategies that would minimize noise, assure that every student has a chance to receive feedback and keep the people on task as they practice in small groups. Certain past negative experiences also result in rejecting and not implementing this strategy. But as the instructors learn how to cope effectively and efficiently with these concerns they usually embrace these strategies and would achieve favorable results.However role play intervention has its merits and demerits and it varies with situation to situation that when to use this methodology and when to not. Role playing can be a positive activity as the students

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are placed in real world scenarios and they can easily evaluate the positive and the negative consequences of each scenario.

Similarly role playing can enhance an individual’s self image and its self esteem.Instructors can engage students in different scenarios like facing emergency situations, interacting with the co-workers in such a way that one of them acts as a prospect customer. Critical thinking is being encouraged by role playing because it involves analyzing a problem and problem solving in other words we can say that it’s a cognitive learning method. Introversion is removed with the help of role playing for example students that don’t talk more are divided into groups and a character have been assigned to them, and then they have to fulfill he requirements of that character and have to speak, that’s how there attribute of introversion is removed as role-play allows for the interaction between class mates and peers.

Another important advantage of behavioral role play is that exchange of knowledge takes place during an activity and teacher can also evaluate the various capabilities of students at the same time. Role playing is very beneficial for children as they enjoy mimicking and playing, so it’s quite easy to involve children in role playing activities.Role playing deals with feelings and emotions therefore is can help students relate to each other and demonstrate their feelings as well. Role playing can be used to teach simple skills of communication, show how people in different roles interact, including their stereotypes, views, and emotions. For example if a teacher wants to introduce a topic, he/she may want to know what prior knowledge or misconceptions the students may have.

The teacher may ask the students to role play a scene that they believe caused World War I.After role play is done and debriefing has been discussed where the actual teaching of causes of World War I can be taught, this can even be followed up by another role playing by student to show that the students have understood the topic. Similarly students of business management through role playing can easily learn lessons of how to deal with clients in such a way that they can be divided into groups, some might act as customers and some as dealers. In this way they can be prepare for their real life situation of dealing with customers.Thus we can say that behavioral role playing teaches us many lessons; some of the most important lessons it teaches are lessons that are needed in society, competition, cooperation and empathy. Teachers can also promote moral judgment in students by helping them to focus on real moral conflicts and stressing on the reasoning used in resolving those conflicts.

Role playing besides benefiting the normal students can also help the mentally retarded ones as they feel motivated and would respond more and more to the situations.For example when a mentally retarded individual has been drawn into a situation then he/she would be more involved in it because he/she would believe that people are giving importance to them and their deficiency syndrome would be minimized. But besides all the advantages of role playing there are certain negative consequences that are faced by instructor as well as the student. Students in certain cases would not take the activity seriously and he/she ight not be

willing to participate in that activity, therefore this scenario would be a disastrous one for the instructor because he/she had invested time in planning an activity.

Similarly the instructor’s ultimate objective can go in vain in the students failed to imitate the correct role of the character. In the same way teacher’s classroom strategy is to control the class and to minimize the noise in the class but role playing is normally seen as an enjoyable activity for students and it might create a threat to class room atmosphere which can lead to the destruction of normal discipline of the classroom.For example if a behavioral role playing activity is framed in such a way that a role of a beggar has to be performed by a student then it might be possible that the students would laugh at this scenario or the individual can’t perform this task well because of his/her non serious attitude so in such a scenario the ultimate goal of the activity is tarnished and its very difficult to control the atmosphere of class. Similarly if the student doesn’t want to become something and he/she is forced to do that, then is such a scenario students can’t perform up to the mark.Furthermore if the instructor is not interested in behavioral role playing activity then he/she can’t motivate the students to do so because an instructors acts as a mentor in this situation. It is also important for teachers to have a follow-up lesson.

The teacher must ensure that the children realize that the performance was part of a lesson, not entertainment. And the instructors when using role playing should connect the act

to the overall lesson.Usually young and mentally retarded students become over excited and loose sight of the lesson, therefore when using role-play in the curriculum, the age group has to be considered when drafting role-playing examples. Similarly students come into the classroom with certain preconceptions.

If their preconceptions are correct, then the student can use their prior knowledge and build on it to gain new knowledge. But if their preconceptions are incorrect then the student can have trouble understanding the new material at hand.In order to ensure that students learn. Teachers need to observe false preconceptions that students may have so that they may build upon or challenge those preconceptions. Another important attribute of role playing is that students can relate most of their experiences and knowledge of past experiences with the lesson being taught.

Thus we can say that role playing intervention is one of the most balanced approaches that instructors use to teach students and to achieve their desired goals.Students as well as instructors can also benefit from behavioral role playing and instructors can also become effective learners in this way. In short we can conclude that role playing helps instructors, children (both normal and abnormal) and adolescents. Role playing develops a scenario of active learning and it reduces the cost of learning and helps instructors a lot.

Students usually feel bored by conventional teaching methods which include teaching through text books, lectures etc. However role playing reduces the element of passive learning and keeps the students motivated to learn more and more.We can’t say that role playing is positive or negative as it depends on situation to situation but researches suggest that

whether a scenario in role playing is positive or negative both the instructor and the students enjoy it and it results in relaxing the environment of the class. As role playing has a distinctive approach of teaching. References Points about Role Playing retrieved March 11, 2002 from http://www.

yale. edu/pgames/teaching_manual. htm#Section%20A:%20Points%20about%20Role%20Playing Van Ments, M. (1983). “The effective use of role-play: a handbook for teachers and trainers. ” London: Kogan Page

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