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Children behaviors in the world we are living today are worse in behavior than the children of the past years. Children have turned to be violent towards their parents, their teacher and towards their fellow children. According to researches that have been conducted in the recent past it is estimated that there are more children who have emotional and behavioral problems that it was twenty years ago. According to a study conducted in the United States of America, which compared children who were reported to have problems with their behaviors in 1979 and 1996 found that there is a sharp increase in misbehavior among children.

In 1979, there were 6. 8 percent of children between the age of four years and fifteen years who were reported to have behavioral problems. However, in 1996 the rate of children with behavioral problems had risen to 20 percent (Siegel & Welsh, 2008). There have also been reported cases by teachers of increase in misconducts by children in schools. According to a UK wide survey by Association of Teachers and Lecturers, teachers reported that the behavior of the pupils have worsened in the past years.

The survey report that pupils have turned to be more disrespective, physically aggressive and more insulting in the classroom than it used to be in the past. The teachers reported of cases where they get stress and tend to have anxiety out of the misbehavior by the pupils. They conceded that poor behavior is like a routine in their teaching experience. According to the survey two thirds of the staff, reported to deal with case of 63. 5% of pupils punching or about 62. 7% of kicking among the pupils. 1. % of the teachers reported to have dealt with case of pupils stabbing each other or attempting to stab each other. 23. 5% of teachers reported to have experienced instances where pupils were even physically violent towards teachers.

According to the teachers, these are incidences, which were very rare in the past. This are situations most of the teachers who have been in the teaching practice for a long conceded to have started experiencing in the past few years. There are various reasons as to why there has been increase in misbehavior among children in the recent past (Rogers, 2003).

The increase in misbehaviors by children can also be related to increased misbehavior by the parents. Parents have failed in their role to be good models to the children. It should be noted that children copy most of their behaviors from what they see in adults. Most children look upon the adults in the society as their examples. Therefore, if a child finds a certain behavior in a parent the child is beliefs that that behavior is the right one because it is done by adults. This leads to children to copy even behaviors, which are bad.

For instant, most parents cannot control the behavior of their children because the children behave the same as they parents do. Many parents are drunkards and smoke drugs, which are illegal in the same rooms where they stay with their children as if this is not a problem. In such a case, the child will definitely copy the behavior of the parent. In such a case, it is the parent to blame as he or she enhances misbehavior conducts to the children. The increase of misbehavior has also been related to increase of children who are being brought up in impoverished and single parent families.

According to researches from the university of Pittsburgh and Rochester reveal that children from low income families were twice likely to show more behavioral misconducts than other children (Borkowski Ramey & Bristol-Power, 2002). Use of drugs by children has also increased as a result to their easy accessibility in the society. In the past, it was difficult to get such drugs in the society. However, when I look at this issue in a more critical way I feel that as generations grows in age they have a tendency to mature and therefore look down the youngest generation.

Parents have the tendency to look down upon the changes, which makes there to be a difference between their behaviors and that of their children. Even in the past years, the use of drugs by children was still rampant in the societies. There are also many cases where children would run away from their homes. For instance in the 1960’s the younger generations had the counter culture. Children in today world may be bad but it has been noted that there has been no time in history where the adolescents and teens have never had a bad rap in the society. It is true that some children are not even as unruly as they seem.

They seem to be so unruly because the elder people in the society do not give the children a chance when they see their age. The elder people have a notion that children would always behave in a rude way. This disrespect, which the adults show children, makes them to be resentful to them as well. Therefore, this becomes like a vicious circle where there is frustration of the adults and the children, which never ends. The best thing, which might help to solve this problem, is the time that there will be a mutual respect between the children and the adults. By this people will discover that children are not as misbehaving as seen in the society

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