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Pre- AP World History Midterm Exam

How did physical geography influence the lives of early humans? Early humans were hunters & gatherers whose survival depended on the availability of plants & animals Where did the earliest humans originate? The earliest humans originated in east Africa. They migrated to Europe, Asia, Australia, & the America’s How did early humans attempt to control […]

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History 180

Conquistador soldiers, explorers, and adventurers at the service of the Spanish & Portuguese Empires Columbian Exchange exchange of good between East & West; Mostly between the Americas & Europe; unequal exchange- brought in diseases that had a major impact on Americans Ferdinand Magellan Circumnavigated the world; conquered Philippines, but died on his way back to […]

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BJU US HISTORY 4th Edition Chapter 21 Terms

question Great Depression answer The period of widespread pocerty and despair during the 1930s. question Public works answer Government-financed construction of public facilities. question Work relief answer The provision of jobs to those who had none during the depression. question Reconstruction Finance Corporation answer Hoover’s most important interventionist measure. The organization received $500 million to […]

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AP World History: An Essential Coursebook, 2nd Edition

question Parliament answer … question Netherlands answer … question Paris answer … question London answer … question Madrid answer … question Amsterdam answer … question Berlin answer … question Copenhagen answer … question Stockholm answer … question Nuclear family answer … question Gerhard Kremer answer Mapmaking is a skill that became well-developed during much earlier […]

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Chapter 4: Ink on Paper

question Wikipedia answer Jimmy Wales developed this online reference site that allows people to collaborate on writing and editing web content. question they were barred from the site while Wikipedia staff restored accurate content. answer When members of Congress modified Wikipedia entries about themselves and their voting records question represents the techno-driven environment in which […]

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AP World History Ch. 1-4 Study Guide

question Amon answer the chief god of Egypt from Thebes that served to unify the country and strengthen the monarchy question Hammurabi answer Amorite ruler of Babylon. He conquered many city-states in southern and northern Mesopotamia and is best known for a code of laws, inscribed on a black stone pillar, illustrating the principles to […]

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Chapter 17. The East Asian World

question Ming Dynasty answer Succeeded Mongol Yuan dynasty in China in 1368; lasted until 1644; initially mounted huge trade expeditions to southern Asia and elsewhere, but later concentrated efforts on internal development within China. Ming inaugurated a period of territorial expansion westward into Central Asia and southward into Vietnam while consolidating control over China’s vast […]

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Chapter 1 Reading Quiz

question The literal translation of Mesopotamia is the land___________? answer between two rivers question The Tigris and Euphrates are known for their? answer contribution in creating rich soil of the Fertile Crescent. question The first of Mesopotamia’s many civilizations was the city of ? answer sumer question The world’s first epic poem was? answer The […]

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ap world history chapter 20 key terms

question manchu answer Federation of Northeast Asian peoples who founded the Qing Empire. question daimyo answer Literally, great name(s). Japanese warlords and great landowners, whose armed samurai gave them control of the Japanese islands from the eighth to the later nineteenth century. Under the Tokugawa Shogunate they were subordinated to the imperial government. question samurai […]

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Final Exam HIM

question HIM has been recognized as an allied Health profession since: answer 1928 question The hospital standardization movement was inaugurated by the : answer American College of Surgeons question Throughout the years, HIM roles have: answer Broadened in scope question The traditional model of HIM practice was: answer Department based question The new model of […]

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AP World History (Ways of the World) Chapter 2 Vocab
02 Sep 2020 Database

question Teosinte answer The wild ancestor of maize. (pron. tay-oh- SIN-tay) question Stateless Societies answer Village-based agricultural societies, usually organized by kinship groups, that functioned without a formal government apparatus. question “Secondary Products Revolution” answer A term used to describe a series of technological changes that began c.a. 4000 B.C.E., as people began to develop […]

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BISC302: Exam 3 – SimU Text: Life History

question Life cycle answer The series of stages that individuals go through in their life, from reproduction through death. Usually this is represented by a circular diagram with each stage shown, and arrows between the stages. question Asexual reproduction answer A single individual reproduces without sex, producing a clone of itself. Consequently, the genes of […]

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AP World History Chapter 22 Key Terms

question Asian sea trading network answer Divided, from West to East, into three zones prior to the European arrival: an Arab zone based on glass, carpets, and tapestries; an Indian zone, with cotton textiles; and a Chinese zone, with paper, porcelain, and silks. question Goa Ormuz answer … question malacca answer Port city in the […]

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MU 100 master set 4

question which of the following statements about the music heard in this audio section are correct answer this short, thematic motive recurs fifth. short short long. fate knocking at the door question musical selection is a theme from a symphony composed answer mozart question adult career mozart answer left salzburg 25 popular in prague friends […]

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Flashcards on ASTRONOMY 101

question 1. What is the main mechanism by which the lower atmosphere of Earth is heated? a. Sunlight heats Earth’s surface and the resultant heat is transferred to the atmosphere by infrared radiation and convective gas motions. b. Conduction carries heat from Earth’s interior to the surface where conduction in the lower atmosphere transfers this […]

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Cultural Geography chapter 5

question Culture answer a shared set of meanings that is lived through the material and symbolic practices of everyday life. question Cultural Geography answer focuses on the way space, place, and landscape shape culture at the same time that culture shapes space, place, and landscape. question Folk Culture answer the traditional practices of small groups, […]

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HUM chp 7

question Pope Gregory was not only a reformer of the Church and theologian, but was the first pope to break free of Byzantine control and establish an autonomous, Western-oriented Latin church. answer True question In Byzantine schools, classical Greek literature was answer the basis of the curriculum, with much study of the epics of Homer. […]

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AP World History Chapter 23 (Strayer)

question Decolonization answer 1914-Present : Process in which many African and Asian states won their independence from Western colonial rule, in most cases by negotiated settlement with gradual political reforms and a program of investment rather than through military confrontation question Indian National Congress answer 1914-Present : Organization established in 1885 by Western-educated elite Indians […]

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US History Chapter 18 Imperialism

question Queen Liluokalani answer Queen of Hawaii who was forced to give up her throne because of American business interests question United States Imperalism answer belief that the U.S. should take economic, political and military control power over weaker countries question Alfred T. Mahan answer U.S. admiral who supported the growth of the U.S. Navy […]

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AP world history chap 1 terms

question hunting and gathering answer The killing of wild animals and fish as well as the gathering of fruits, roots, nuts, and other plants for sustenance. question Neolithic Age answer latest part of the Stone Age beginning about 10,000 BC in the middle east (but later elsewhere) question culture answer A way of life question […]

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Chapter 16 AP US History

question ”great upheaval” of 1886\” answer A wave of strikes and labor protests that touched every part of the nation in 1886. question standard gauge answer A standard distance separating the two tracks adopting in 1886 that allowed for the first time trains of one company to travel on another company’s track. question railroad time […]

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MAS 132
01 Aug 2020 Database

question A freckle is called a: answer macule question Why is the dermis layer sometimes referred to as the “true skin?” answer it comprises the largest percentage of total skin mass question When testing a patient’s far visual acuity, the medical assistant uses which type of chart? answer Snellen question Which of the following is […]

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