Chapter 4: Ink on Paper

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Jimmy Wales developed this online reference site that allows people to collaborate on writing and editing web content.
they were barred from the site while Wikipedia staff restored accurate content.
When members of Congress modified Wikipedia entries about themselves and their voting records
represents the techno-driven environment in which printed media operate today.
Wikipedia does all of the following EXCEPT
The first truly mass medium was
All of the following were contributing factors in the success of the penny press EXCEPT
was the first to rely on advertising to make profit.
Ben Day’s launch of his New York Sun is significant in the history of newspapers because it
The four characteristics used to distinguish the major ink-on-paper media from one another include all of the following EXCEPT
as a whole, the industry never reached the profit levels of the book industry.
All of the following statements about the history of the newspaper industry are true EXCEPT


The basic organizational structure of most newspapers includes all of the following operating units EXCEPT


The basic organizational structure of most newspapers includes all of the following operating units EXCEPT
Newspapers in the 21st century include people with all of the following job titles EXCEPT
Newspaper circulation in the U.S. continues to
Newspaper readership in the U.S. peaked in
Benjamin Franklin
The term wasn’t developed until much later, but the first \”newspaper chain\” in the U.S. was created by
increased profitability among newspapers made them a desirable purchase
The key factor in the amazing growth in the number and size of newspaper chains in the 1970s and 1980s was
the popularity and 24/7 availability of the Internet.
Morning newspapers, called AMs, which used to outnumber afternoon papers, called PMs, have almost completely disappeared. The reasons include all of the following EXCEPT
printing fewer photographs and graphics in color.
Trying to remain profitable, newspapers made all of the following cutbacks EXCEPT
the Albuquerque Tribune.
The first U.S. newspaper to establish an online presence was
uncovering and reporting on the Watergate scandal.
The New York Times first established its reputation for courage in
New York Times v. Sullivan
The landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that reshaped U.S. libel laws was
known worldwide for its journalistic excellence.
Among the best ways to describe the New York Times is
Wall Street Journal
The only national newspaper among the following four is the
the Wall Street Journal and the USA Today
The largest circulation daily newspapers in the United States are
Barney Kilgore
The Wall Street Journal expanded from its role as a small business journal because of
short, crisp stories and graphics that offer a quick fix on the news.
USA Today targeted corporate travelers by offering
Allen Neuharth
USA Today was conceived and led to success by
its circulation relied primarily on subscriptions and not single-copy sales.
USA Today was a ground-breaking newspaper for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
Approximately how many magazines are currently published in the United States?
All of the following are among the leading U.S. magazine publishers EXCEPT
Car & Driver
Time, Inc. publishes all of the following magazines EXCEPT
The leading medium in innovating long-form journalism, which includes in-depth news coverage, thought-provoking commentary, and personal essays was
highbrow slicks
Magazines like Atlantic Harper’s whose content have intellectual appeal are called
essays and thought-provoking commentary
Daniel Defoe’s Weekly Review is well-known in the history of magazines for
an early term for investigative reporting
Muckraking is
printing the full text of Presidential speeches
Which of the following was NOT an innovation by the magazine industry?
Which magazine refined and elevated the question-and-answer format to a higher level?
Harper’s Weekly
Which magazine pioneered magazine visuals by sending artists to draw Civil War battles?
Which magazine pioneered the photo essay?
the money it takes to reach a thousand audience members with an ad
CPM is advertising jargon for
Magazines survived the assault of television by reinventing themselves and appealing to a narrower, or focused audience in a process called
an aging workforce unwilling to adapt to new media.
Today the magazine industry face the same challenges as other traditional print-based media EXCEPT
sales to readers and space sales to advertisers
Historically, magazine revenue has been dependent upon
business to influential
Starting with Hollywood Reporter, Richard Beckman is hoping to transform drab trade journals into a glitzy new type of publication he calls \”B-toI\” meaning
Hollywood Reporter
Examples of Web-only publications include all of the following EXCEPT
This publisher is almost household word for pulp romances.
Consolidation has made the book industry more international. For example, German publishing giant Bertelsmann now owns all of these once-American publishers EXCEPT
the 1960s when B. Dalton and other chain bookstores began displacing independent bookstores.
Book retailing has been financially challenged and readjusting since
reference books
What is the name for the book genre that includes encyclopedias, dictionaries and atlases?
Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Which of these is a trade book
60 percent
What percentage of trade books loose money?
attracting sufficient advertisers to offset the cost of developing new e-readers.
The challenges the book industry faces with e-books include all of the following EXCEPT
Kindle is an example of
an app is to a smartphone
an e-book is to an e-reader as

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