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AP Government Chapter 10

Federalist No. 78 judiciary would be the least powerful branch (anti-Federalists did not agree), independence of judges needed (for rights of individuals) Article 3 3.1- establishes the SC and inferior courts (salary does not decrease) 3.2- Specifies judicial power of the SC (original & appelate jurisdiction) can be between State and citizens of another state […]

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CS2503 Chapter 6

Print client Client computer or application that generates a print job. Print server Network computer or serer device that connects printers to the network for sharing and that receives and processes print requests from print clients. Print job A document or items to be printed Spooling A process working in the background to enable several […]

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Reflection Essay on computer

Parts of the word processor window The parts of a word processor include: Quick access toolbar, title bar, view ruler, rulers, insertion point, ribbon, and office button title bar the file name of the current document is displayed in the title bar. The name Document1 is used tempirairily until the document is saved with a […]

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Kinns Chapter 52 review

AMORPHOUS lacking define shape bilirubinuria presence of bilirubin in urine COLONY-FORMING UNITS term used when reporting bacteriuria; one CFU represents one bacterium present in the urine sample CRENATE Forming notches or leaflike scalloped edges on an object culture and sensitivity (C&S) procedure performed in microbiology lab, a specimen is cultured on an artificial media to […]

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Federalist Paper #55, #57, #62, #63

passion in very numerous assemblies, __________ takes control from reason. \”had every athenian citizen been a socrates, every athenian assembly would still have been a mob.\” Republican _____________ government presupposes the existence of qualities in human nature which justify esteem and confidence. wisdom and virtue the aim of a constitution is to obtain rulers with […]

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Access Chapter 1

____ means storing the same fact in more than one place. redundancy Object tabs for open objects appear ____ the work area. at the top of Tap or click ____ on the ribbon, and then tap or click the Table button to create a table. create ____ view is only used to create a table […]

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The market mechanism uses prices as a means of communication between consumers and producers Economic growth is represented by An outward shift of the production possibilities curve. In economics, capital refers to: Goods that can be used to produce other goods. Because the economy is so complex, it is impossible to construct a theory about […]

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humanities chapter 7

1. In which river’s valley did the Chinese people first settle around 7000 BCE? 2. Why did later inhabitants of this region call it the \”Central Plain\”? 3. Why have the earliest ritual jade discs (bi) been found in tombs? 4. Why have archaeologists been unable to find many ancient Chinese edifices? 5. According to […]

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Test 1 Final

The turning point of a tragedy is the _____________. climax The final disaster in a tragedy that ends in the hero’s destruction is portrayed by the ____________. catastrophe The downfall and destruction of a hero in a tragedy is primarily the result of his ____________. tragic flaw The event in a tragedy that initiates the […]

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Which wireline communication has the highest security?

A. Coaxial cable B. Fiber-optic cable C. All of the wireline communications channels listed have good security and are difficult to tap. D. Twisted-pair wire Answer: B. Fiber-optic cable

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six years.

Answer: A senator’s term of office is

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Which of the following did NOT characterize the career of George Gershwin?

Answer: He lived a long life and was a mentor to other young composers. Recource Music 100

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What do behavior therapists see as the cause of abnormal or undesirable behaviors?

a) unconscious conflicts b) distortions in thinking c) discrepancy between the real self and ideal self d) delusional behaviors e) learning Answer: e) learning

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The size of the overall population under study is ____ in determining the reliability of a poll.

– Very important – Important – Not important – Irrelevant Answer: C – The size of the overall population that is being studied is not relevant to the reliability of a poll; however, the sample size used for the poll itself is of extreme importance.

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If a work of art is faithful to our visual experience, its style is

Answer: naturalistic. Recource Intro To Visual Arts Chapter 2

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Which of the following statements best describes what fingernails actually are?

A) Fingernails are a modification of the epidermis. B) Fingernails are derived from osseous tissue. C) Fingernails are extensions of the carpal bones. D) Fingernails are a separate tissue from the skin, formed from a different embryonic layer. Answer: A) Fingernails are a modification of the epidermis.

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Which of the following locations will contribute the greatest amount of interference for a wireless access point? (Select two.)

Answer: Near backup generators Near cordless phones Recource Comptia Security+ Domain 1 Practice Test Questions

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