u.s. History unit 4

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William Seward
Bought Alaska from the Russians.
Emma Lazarus
Wrote the poem that graces the base of Liberty.
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
Fire here killed 146 people in 1911.
Upton Sinclair
Wrote the Jungle which described unclean conditions in factories that processed means.
W.E.B. Dubois
Helped to found the NAACP
Matthew Perry
Set aside nearly 200 mil acres of land aside for conservation of the president.
Jacob Riis
Muckraker who found corruption in city government.
Jane Addams
Founded the Hull house, which provided services for poor people of the neighborhood.
Ellis Island
Where most European immigrants checked into the states.
T/F: Most poor immigrants lived in places called tenements.
T/F: The goal of the WCTU was to make literacy tests for immigrants mandatory.
T/F: The first wave of immigrants was from Western Europe.
T/F: Plessy v. Ferguson was a landmark case that resulted in desegragation.
T/F: Wisconsin was the first state to require a direct primary for an election.
T/F: Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to set aside land for conservation.
T/F: Controlling elections by giving gifts and favors was one kind of government corruption in cities.
T/F: Lincoln Steffens was a scalawag.
T/F: The Panama Canal opened in 1898.
Eighteenth Amendment
Sale and transport of alcohol within the U.S. is illegal ratified in 1919.
Federal Reserve Act
Reformed the U.S. banking system.
The policy of staying out of the affairs of other countries.
Open Door Policy
This allows any nation to trade.
Interstate Commerce Act
Governmental commission charged with making and enforcing regulations.
A large open area beneath a ships deck.
An unhealthy workplace where people are overworked.
A person who believes in social progress through reforms.

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