U.S. History 1302 Exam 3

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The great depression gave a rise to who?
Europe and Asia
Europe and Asia promised what during the great depression?
to strengthen their nations.
Adolf Hitler in Germany forced what from other countries and why?
He forced concessions, so not to go to war.
Countries tried to what to Adolf Hitler ?
Appease him.
The Neutrality Acts of 1935
restricting arm sales and loans to any nation at war.
Which president quickly bypassed the Neutrality Act when the war started in 1939? and how did he do this?
FDR, with the cash and carry system
What is the ‘cash and carry’ system?
where goods were purchased and taken by other nations.
How did the US help England in WWII, and what did we get in return?
The US gave them 50 destroyers, and got the use of English bases throughout the world.
When England ran out of money, FDR began what?
The Lend-lease act, supplying them with arms that would be paid for in the future.
On December 7, 1961 the Japanese Empire did what?
They launched a surprise attack on the US military base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
How many Americans were killed during Pearl Harbor.
How did America react to the Pearl Harbor attack? and What happened after that?
The next day the US declared war on Japan. On the 9th, Germany and Italy declared war on the US.
Although the US was attacked by Japan, which country was the bigger priority?
What was the Doolittle Raid?
The first attack against Japan was flying bombers over Tokyo and hitting installations there.
What was the US’ first attack against Germany?
We took the beaches of North Africa and pushing the Germans back there.
What did woman do during the war?
They took up jobs in factories making planes and equipment for the war.
Who represented woman during WWII?
Rosie the Riveter
What was the Double-V and who pushed the idea?
It meant if they supported and help win the war then they would win rights and freedoms back home, African Americans
Because the US feared Japanese espionage, they did what?
Placed all Japanese-American citizens in internment camps.
How was WWII a total war?
Everyone got involved in winning it. People bought victory bonds, maintained victory gardens, rationed food, and materials, and had scrape drives.
The US first joined forces with which country?
On June 6, 1944, allied forces did what?
They landed on the beaches on Normandy, France to open up a second front against Germany in Europe.
What was the Battle of the Bulge?
In the winter of 44-45, Germany attacked back at American and British forces.
Which president won he’s 4th term as president, but died in office in April, 1945.
Which president replaced FDR?
At what point did America see firsthand what happened in the Holocaust?
When Germany surrendered in May of 1945.
How many Jews and other people were killed during the Holocaust?
6 Million Jews, 5 Million others.
What battle was the turning point of WWII?
The battle of Midway Island, where Japan lost 4 aircraft carriers.
What was the secret name for the production of the Bomb?
The Manhattan Project
Who ran the Manhattan Project bomb?
Dr. Charles Opperheimer.
By the end of the war the US did what, instead of invading Japan?
The US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945.
The Allies created what in order to talk out problem instead of going to war?
The United Nations.
What did the US want to contain what at the start of the cold war?
the USSR
What was the Truman Doctrine?
It announced that the US would help any country around the world in defeating communism.
What was the Marshal Plan?
It sent out $13 Billion in funds to Western Europe to rebuild so that they would not become communist nations.
The US and its allies created what treaty?
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
What was NATO?
a treaty that would provide defense for any member nation that was under attack.
What treaty did the Soviet Union create that did the same thing as NATO?
the Warsaw pact.
After WWII, Germany was divided between what?
The Western Allies (US, UK, France) and the Soviet Union. The capital Berlin was also divided.
Western Germany and Western Berlin cut ties by who? And for what purpose?
Cut ties by the USSR to force the city to accept communism.
What was the Berlin Airlift?
It supplied Western Berlin with supplies for nearly a year, until the USSR allowed the city street access again.
1949 Which country became a communist nation after years of war?
How did the US react to China becoming a communist nation?
We helped rebuild Japan, which was seen as a major power in helping contain communism.
In 1949 which nation created and detonated a nuclear bomb?
Soviet Union
How did the US react to the Soviet Union creating the nuclear bomb?
We built the \”super bomb\” or Hydrogen bomb.
In the Korean War who was against who?
Communist North Korea invaded democratic South Korea.
How did the US get involved in the Korean War?
They sent troops in, pushing the NK passed the old border and nearly into china.
How did the Korean war end?
China launched a massive attack against the US pushing them back, Ended at the 38th parallel.
What was the second red scare?
A time when people were fearful of communism taking over the US from within.
Who investigated people that were believed to be communist of socialist?
The FBI and House of Committee
Who bullied and attacked people, charging them with being communist?
Senator Joseph McCarthy
Who did Joseph McCarthy attack as being communist that angered many people?
The US Army
Who was Alger Hiss?
He was tried for perjury after evidence came out that he was a communist spy.
Who were the Rosen Burgs (Julius and Ethal)?
They were tried as communist spies and later executed.
What was the baby boom? and What time period was it in?
This is when WWII veterans began having families and there were many babies born in the late 40’s and continued in to the late 50’s
How did teen rebel in the 50’s?
With a new music called Rock n’ Roll. and some people tried new hair do’s such as of the actor James Dean.
What new technology came out in the 50’s?
The Television
What famous TV shows came out during the 50’s?
Leave it to beaver, Father knows best, and I Love Lucy, that brought images of good wholesome family values.
In the 50’s while whites were doing well, what were blacks doing?
They began pushing for equal rights.
The first satellite put into space was created by who? and what was is called?
The soviet Union, it was known as sputnik.
After the first US rocket failed, congress created what?
The soviet union erected a wall where?
between East and West Berlin.
A U2 spy plane was shot down by who? and Who did it belong to?
The Soviet Union shot down a US U2 pane. This embarrassed the US that they had been caught spying in the USSR.
In 1961 the US allowed what into Florida and Why?
Cuba Militants to invade the island to try and free it from Castro and the Communist. This invasion failed and embarrassed Kennedy and the US.
Why was the world on a brink of nuclear war in the early 60’s?
Because Cuba began allowing the Soviet Union to place nuclear weapons upon the island for protection as the US blocked the island.
How did everyone stop a nuclear war from happening?
In negotiations, both sides removed nuclear weapons from Cuba and Turkey, the US also said they would never invade Cuba again.
Who created Rock n’ Roll?
African Americans, but Elvis Presley made it for white people.
What caused a generational between the old and young people in the 60’s?
Rock n’ Roll.
The Supreme court ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education said what?
That is was unconstitutional to separate the races in schools.
How long would it take for integration to happen?
Another 10 to 20 years.
Why was Rosa Parks arrested?
For not giving up her seat to a white man.
Who was Martin Luther King Jr.?
A young preacher, organized a bus boycott throughout the city. He advocated non-violent protest and sit ins.
Who was Emmett Till?
He was a young African American that was murdered by a white gang after whistling at a white woman.
What is the Civil Rights Act of 1957?
Eisenhower passed this, it ended literacy test and poll taxes, giving more African Americans the right to vote.
What happened in Little Rock? and How did Eisenhower react?
9 black students were nearly attacked by a white mob, Eisenhower sent 1000 soldiers to protect them for the school year.
Who were the freedom riders and what happened when they arrived to the South?
They were blacks that rode the bus to prove a point and then got arrested instead of being attacked.
Civil Rights Bill of 1968
Outlawed discrimination by race, color, or sex.
How many blacks came to Washington DC to watch MLK?
The KKK bombed what? Killing who?
They bombed an African American church in Montgomery, AL killing four teenage girls.

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