World History Renaissance Test

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Renaissance means
Renaissance began
in Italy
concern with personality, uniqueness, etc. recognition that humans can be creative, appreciation of art not just as a religious symbol
a program of studies was developed to replace the medieval emphasis of logic, rhetoric, and mathematics….. the basis of modern general education
not dealing with religion; non-secular is dealing with religion
Causes of the Renaissance
lessening of feudalism, education, trade, fall of constantinople, nostalgia among the italians to recapture roman glory
major centers in italy
venice, milan, florence, papal states, naples
lorenzo d’medici
italian, politician, contribution – opportunistic…. family involved with politics
spanish, architect/painter, contribution – the David, Pieta
Italian, literature/politics, contribution – canzoniere
Italian, architecture/painting, contribution – St. George, David
Leonardo da Vinci
Italy, painting, contribution – mona lisa, last supper
italian, painting, contribution – school off athens
italian, literature, contribution – the prince
van eyck
german, painter, contribution – portrait of giovanni
dutch, politics/literature, contribution – greek edition bible
english, politics/literature, contribution – utopia
english, literature, contribution – SEVERAL plays
german, technology, contribution – printed bible… printing press
spanish, literature, contribution – Don Quixote
began in italy
it was the center of the Roman empire, trade, education…. lack of feudalism
heart of the Italian renaissance
florence – middle of italy; the cultures of northern and southern italy met there
studied classical greek and roman culture, pious christians, focused on worldly subjects rather than just religion
\”Father of Humanism\”
Petrarch – assembled a library of Greek and roman manuscripts
Renaissance Man
well rounded, educated in several different fields
Renaissance artists
Greek and Roman works and revived many classical forms
artistic techniques
use realism, perspective, shading, and the study of the human body to portray humans more accurately than medeival artists
renaissance art
blending beauty and utility with improvement of society; rejected gothic style and adopted columns
northern renaissance
focused on politics and technology and religion
printing press
books were cheaper, easier to produce and were readily available. more people learned to read. invented by Gutenberg.

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