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Grade 5: History Alive! Chapter 5

Conquistadors Spanish Explorers who planted the Spanish flag throughout the Caribbean, Central & South America (Christopher Columbus was an example) Northwest Passage Explorers from England, France, and Holland wanted to find a shortcut from Europe to Asia through North America-never found Christopher Columbus Sailed for Spain, but was he was from Italy. He was a […]

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AP World History: Chapter 5 Key Terms

Ahura Mazda In Zoroastrianism, the good god who rules the world Angra Mainyu In Zoroastrianism, the evil god, engaged in a cosmic struggle with Ahura Mazda Aristotle A Greek polymath philosopher (384-322 B.C.E.); student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great Atman The human soul, which in classic Hindu belief seeks union with Brahman […]

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Ch. 27 ap world history

question Yongle answer Reign period of Zhu Di (1360-1424), the third emperor of the Ming Empire (r. 1403-1424).Sponsored the building of the Forbidden City, a huge encyclopedia project, the expeditions of Zheng He, and the reopening of China’s borders to trade and travel (355) question Kangxi answer Qing emperor (r. 1662-1722). He oversaw the greatest […]

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The Spanish Empire, Silver, & Runaway Inflation: Crash Course World History #25

question Olmecs answer – 1200-400 BC – A member of a prehistoric people inhabiting the coast of Veracruz and Western Tabasco on the Gulf of Mexico – Established what was probably the first Meso-American civilization. question Mayans answer – 300 and 900 CE – A member of an American Indian people of Yucatan and Belize […]

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BJU US History Chapter 4

question \”Elizabethan Settlement\” answer Term applied to English parliamentary laws passed early in Elizabeth’s reign that required conformity to the Church of England and uniformity of church worship. question Puritans answer Staunch protestants who agreed with the Anglican creed, but not the ceremonies and practices. They wanted to purify the church. question Low-church Anglicans answer […]

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Theo 2

question What did it mean for Adam and Eve to have been created with original holiness? answer Original holiness meant that humans were created to share in God’s own life. (Adam and eve were supposed to be in harmony). Original Justice meant that humans wouldn’t die, or experience pain. question Satan answer A fallen angel […]

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Chapter 1-3 Animal Farm
03 Sep 2020 Uncategorized

question animals are talking answer You gather that Animal Farm will be a fable because question More food, don’t drink alcohol, don’t sleep in a house, no clothes, no tobacco, don’t kill other animals answer List the ideals outlined by Old Major that should occur after the rebellion. question Communism answer What political idea in […]

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OB Final Exam – New Materials Ans Only

question Which contraceptive method provides protection against sexually transmitted diseases? c. Male or female condoms answer c. Male or female condoms question A nurse is leading a discussion regarding birth control measures. Which method is considered the most reliable method? d. Intrauterine device answer d. Intrauterine device question Which woman is a safe candidate for […]

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World History Chapter 30

question National Socialist (Nazi) Party answer led by Adolf Hitler in Germany; picked up political support during the great depression; advocated authoritarian state under a single leader, aggressive foreign policy to reverse humiliation of the Versailles treaty; took power in Germany in 1933 question Winston Churchill answer British prime minister during World War II; responsible […]

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Module 5 Exam

question To be deviant, a person must: answer not conform to one of society’s norms question Which of the following is incorrect? answer Deviants always purposely and knowingly break the law. question The self-fulfilling prophesy is associated with: answer Labelling theory question To study why women kill their abusive husbands, Robin plans to look at […]

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A.P.U.S. History – Chapter 2

question Compare and Contrast the English model of colonization to that of the French and Spanish answer French: Friendly relations with indians (comparatively) Tried to convert natives to christianity Came in small numbers Extractive economic activity (for trade): resource based, dependant on extracting or harvesting natural resources to sell and trade catholic Spanish: Came to […]

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U.S. History Chapter 6 Test

question According to Hamilton, what was the main difference between the Fed.’s and Jeff.’s? answer Feds-wanted a gov. of monarchy because they felt that the state gov.’s would take over Jeffs- believed the Feds wanted to get rid of everything US acheived from the war question What was Hamilton’s war debt plan? Why? answer For […]

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Practice that has to do with Chapter 26

question Which principle should the nurse remember while planning care for a patient with respiratory problems? Diffusion of respiratory gases takes place at the: A. Alveolocapillary membrane B. Visceral pleurae C. Parietal pleurae D. Respiratory center answer Alveolocapillary membrane question A nurse is teaching about the functions of the pulmonary system. Which information should the […]

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American History UNIT 1

question indentured servants answer Voluntarily surrendered their freedom for a specified time in exchange for passage to America. Recieved dues after done. question mercantilism answer The government should regulate economic activity to serve the interests national power. question headright answer Virgina company awarding 50 acres of land to any colonist who paid for his own […]

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Unit 1 US History Study Guide

question French and Indian War answer War in North America between France and Britain that lead to a huge British national debt question Proclamation Line of 1763 answer An order in which Britain prohibited its American colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains question Stamp Act answer British tax on paper goods (ie. marriage […]

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ATI Mobility/Musculoskeletal

question C. wear elastic stockings on both legs until I am discharged. answer A client has been admitted to the orthopedic floor to have a right total knee arthroplasty performed. Which of the following statements demonstrates to the nurse that the client understands the preoperative teaching? \”I will A. have my knee placed in a […]

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World History 2- Midterm Review

question humanism answer an intellectual movement that focused on human potential and achievement question Erasmus answer wrote the Praise of Folly, which poked fun at greedy merchants, heart sick lovers, quarrelsome scholars and pompous priests question ninety-five theses answer 95 reasons why the catholic church should change, written by Martin Luther question reformation answer a […]

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Section Quiz: History of the Periodic Table

question In develpoing his periodic table, Mendeleev listed on cards each element’s name, atomic mass, and answer properties question Mendeleev’s periodic table did not list all elements in order of in creasing atomic mass becuase he grouped together elements with similar answer properties question Mendeleev predicted that the gaps in his periodic table represented answer […]

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Ch. 4 Sec. 1

question What were some Roman contributions to western civilization? answer Roman alphabet, the division of the year into twelve months (our calendar), the success of the Christian church, the basis of a democratic republic, and a codified legal system. question What did the Romans value more: good government and military prowess, or cultural and artistic […]

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APUSH: Chapter 6

question Samuel de Champlain answer Father of New France who established a crucial alliance with the Huron Indians question Robert de La Salle answer French empire builder who explored the Mississippi Basin and named it after his monarch; founded Louisiana question Treaty of Urecht answer agreement that ended the War of Spanish Succession (Queen Anne’s […]

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AP Psych 500 Questions

question 1. Jill wants to study the process of thinking. Which field of psychology should she choose? (A) Cognitive (B) Social (C) Personality (D) Learning (E) Perception answer 1. (A) Cognitive psychology is the study of how we process, store, and retrieve informa- tion. Choices (B) and (C) are devoted to studying the way people […]

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question where is tension found answer the back of the stretch question where is compression found answer in the front of the stretch question compression answer is determined by the shape of our bones question tension answer is due to the stretching of muscle or connective tissue limitation of the muscle question what determines why […]

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