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What did it mean for Adam and Eve to have been created with original holiness?
Original holiness meant that humans were created to share in God’s own life. (Adam and eve were supposed to be in harmony). Original Justice meant that humans wouldn’t die, or experience pain.
A fallen angel or the devil, the Evil One
Original Sin
The fallen state of human nature into which all generations of people are born, or Adam and Eve’s sin.
An abuse of the freedom that God gives to created persons so that they are capable of loving him and one another
New Adam
Name for Jesus Christ, who through his obedience in life and death makes amends for the disobedience of Adam. Announced in the Protoevangelium.
New Covenant
The coming of Jesus Christ, the climax of salvation history, the fullness of God’s revelation.
A term that means not Jews
Guardian Angel
Angels are messengers with free will and naturally superior intellect to humans. Since the 3rd century BC, the Church has maintained that each baptized individual has a guardian angel to watch over them. The feast day of the guardian angel is October 2
Worshipping something or someone other than the one true God.
How was Adam and Eve’s sin also a personal sin?
It was their choosing to pick themselves above God, to disrespect him, and to succumb to the snake’s temptation
How did Satan tempt Adam and Eve?
With the fruit with the knowledge of good and evil, and convincing them to obey God’s command.
List 3 effects of original sin for Adam and Eve.
They gained the knowledge of shame and guilt, were alienated from each other, from God, and they lost original holiness and justice.
How does original sin affect all humans?
Weakened but didn’t totally corrupt human nature. We are born with it- we suffer pain, do backbreaking work, are shamed by nakedness, and are forced to die. It ALIENATES and SEPARATES.
Our condition – that of the inclination to sin.
First gospel; refers to Genesis 3:15 when God reveals that he would send a savior to save us from our sins.
Who are the woman and her offspring alluded to in Genesis 3:16?
Eve and her offspring and all of creation.
How did everything come to be?
Out of nothing- God created it all.
Who are we?
God’s children, descendants of Adam and Eve, in God’s image, stewards of the Earth.
Without what is there no free will?
What greater good came out of our evil?
Jesus and his PDRA.
What is the main lesson of the Cain and Abel story? What is the mark of Cain?
God never abandons us- for example, the mark of Cain protected him from anyone killing him.
How did the biblical authors understand the purpose of the flood?
To cleanse the world of human wickedness and depravity. DEPRAVITY!
What covenant did The Lord make with Noah? What was it’s sign?
To never flood again, and to continue to love us. Symbolized by the rainbow.
Why were the people punished for building the Tower of Babel?
They were trying to make a name for themselves, and create a God free culture/alienate themselves from God.
Describe the requirements of the covenant with Abraham.
A great nation, land, great name, bless earth through him, have a child.
Why is Abraham the father of faith?
He heard, believed, and obeyed God’s command, descendants were blessed- made great nation (eventually Jesus)
How is Mary a perfect model of faith?
Heard, obeyed, and believed God’s command – trusted completely and sacrificed a lot.
What was the sign of the covenant with Abraham?
Circumsising baby boys 8 days after birth
What was the Exodus?
When God led his people out of Egypt, with the help of Moses and the 10 plagues.
What is the summary of the Torah?
Decalogue/Law of Moses/10 Commandments
Natural Law
God’s plan for human living, written in the way he created things. Binding on all people, its the light of understanding that God puts in us so we can discover whats good and evil.
What 3 Things does the decalogue adress?
Preserving life, developing individuals and communities.
Why did the people make the golden calf? Why did Moses break the stone tablets?
Moses was gone so long they made a new God, and Moses was so mad he smashed the tablets.
Who were the judges in the OT?
Those who acted as temporary military leaders, arbiters, and reminders of people’s responsibilities to God.
Who was Israel’s first king?
Summarize the Davidic covenant
Specifies previous covanants with Abraham and Moses, and talks about the future and the messiah.
List the 7 deadly sins:
LAG PEWS: Lust, Avarice, Gluttony, Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth
What happened after original sin?
Cain and Abel, Noah, Babel – God remains faithful to his people even when they sin.
Solemn promise between God/people
(Noah, Abraham [descendants, land], Moses [10 comm, chosen ppl], Davidic [messiah from David’s lineage])
Cycle of Judges
Lead Isrealites, Going Well, something bad happens, New Judge
*God calls judges, so they’re a way of humanity messing up and God remaining faithful
Explain King David’s central role in Salvation History.
His covenant is that he would be in the line of Jesus – it’s the first time God mentioned the savior in a concrete way.
When did Northern fall to Assyrians? Southern to Babylonians?
722 BC
587 BC
Who were the prophets? What was their central message?
Reminded people of God’s covenant, proclaimed the need for worshipping God and following the Law and repenting sinfullness.
Summarize Amos’s message.
He chided people on their sins, and also said that true worship comes from concrete deeds, especially to the weak and the poor.
What did Jeremiah preach (about the New Covenant)?
It would be different – God would place the law in the people, everyone would know The Lord, and he would forgive all wrongdoing. He will become more than writing on tablets.
What was the meaning of Ezekiel’s dry bones vision?
It was gods way of saying that the people would return to the promised land, and that despair should be turned to hope because God would bring everyone back to life.
What important messianic prophecy did Isaiah of Jerusalem make in Isaiah 7:14?
He prophesied about Jesus’s coming, especially his brith: The virgin shall be with child, and have a son, and call him Immanuel.
What is the meaning of the title Immanuel?
God is with us.
How do the servant songs apply to Jesus Christ?
They talk about a servant whom God will use to bring a glorious future. They refer to Jesus, the suffering servant, who redeemed us all.
Antiochus Epiphanes
Seleucid ruler who tried to obliterate Judaism by destroying the temple in 165 which led to a revolt by the Maccabean family.
Hebrew word for covenant
King Solomon
Under his sons, the holy land was divided into the northern and southern kingdoms.

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