Chapter 1-3 Animal Farm

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animals are talking
You gather that Animal Farm will be a fable because
More food, don’t drink alcohol, don’t sleep in a house, no clothes, no tobacco, don’t kill other animals
List the ideals outlined by Old Major that should occur after the rebellion.
What political idea in Russian history does Old Major represent?
Miserable, Laborious, and Short
What 3 adjectives did Old Major use to describe the life of an animal:
Czar Nicholas ll of Russia
To what political figure in Russian history does Jones correspond?
Gets drunk
What does Farmer Jones do that keeps him from running the farm properly?
Man, they consume without producing
According to Snowball and Old Major, who is their worst enemy?
Rebel against the humans
As a solution to the conflict with humans, Major urges the animals to
The animals start singing together
The climax of Chapter I occurs when
They were starving
Why did the animals break into the store-shed?
It is considered a badge of slavery
Why does Snowball burn the ribbons?
Manor Farm
What is the original name of Animal Farm?
Seven Commandments
What did Snowball paint on the wall?
Getting a ribbon from Mrs.Jones dresser
What was Mollie doing in the house?
Which animal was Mr. Jones’ favorite?
Napoleon and Snowball.
Which two animals are always in disagreement?
He wants to use them as a private security force
Why does Napoleon take the nine puppies away?
Don’t be human
What was the one phrase summary of the Seven Commandments?
Squealer, Snowball, and Napoleon
Name the three main pigs.
The pigs formulate the teachings of Old Major into a system of thought. What is it called?
A religious leader
Moses, the raven, who tells tales of Sugarcandy Mtn., is an allegory for what kind of human leader?
What they will eat and how they will surive
What problems do the animals encounter as they begin to discuss the coming rebellion.
Napoleon and Snowball.
What two leaders emerge after the rebellion?
What word did the pigs misspell when writing the Seven Commandments?
Preparing for the rebellion; learning to read and write and stealing apples and milk
What have the pigs been doing for the past three months?
The pigs
Who came up with the Seven Commandments?
The animals work all the time and they are happy to do it. The pigs supervise but don’t help to the actual work.
What seems funny about the working conditions after the rebellion?
Where were all the animals when the milk disappeared?
The pigs
Who was taking the milk?
Who was sent to explain why the milk was being used by the pigs?
He says that they don’t even like it but they need it to watch over them and keep their strength (which science proves pigs need milk and apples to have) or else jones will come back
Name one of the arguments that he used to explain why the milk was going to the pigs.
Very well
How well did the animals work together for the harvest?
No, Pigs get the best, horses are hard workers, and evertone else just make it along
Are all the animals equal? Describe any \”classes\” or rankings of animals that you see.
Who among the workers is most admired?
Very well, and happy
At first, how do the animals work together and feel after the rebellion?
The character who seems to be entirely trustworthy is
Animals are in harmony but pigs are power hungry
The best summary of the conflict in this chapter is that
Appear to be the smartest and wisest
The animals accept the pigs’ leadership because the pigs
Eat some birds
The cat is active in the Re-education Committee in order to
it is short and simple for the animals that can not read well
The slogan \”Four legs good, two legs bad,\” is more popular than the Seven Commandments because
they need it to stay strong, because without them Jones will come back
The most effective argument Squealer uses to justify the pigs’ taking the milk and apples for themselves is that
He would be alive either way and does not care much
The author gives the following description of Old Benjamin, the donkey:
…he did his work in the same slow, obstinate way as he had done it in Jones’s time, never shirking and never volunteering for extra work either. About the rebellion and its results he would express no opinion. When asked whether he was not happier now that Jones was gone, he would say only, \”Donkeys live a long time. None of you has ever seen a dead donkey,\” and the other had to be content with his cryptic answer .The best explanation of Benjamin’s meaning is that
\”I will work harder\”
The powerful and hard working Boxer does most of the heavy labor and adopts which phrase as a personal motto:
the hand
What is the \”distinguishing mark of a man\” to an animal?
Every Sunday, the animals hold a
Sheep, Hens, and Ducks
Which animals had the most trouble learning the alphabet?

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