The Spanish Empire, Silver, & Runaway Inflation: Crash Course World History #25

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– 1200-400 BC
– A member of a prehistoric people inhabiting the coast of Veracruz and Western Tabasco on the Gulf of Mexico
– Established what was probably the first Meso-American civilization.
– 300 and 900 CE
– A member of an American Indian people of Yucatan and Belize and Guatemala who had a culture characterized by outstanding architecture and pottery and astronomy
– \”Mayans had a system of writing and an accurate calendar\”
– Began in about 1430
– Formed out of an alliance of three major cities in modern day Mexico
Aztec state
– Very Hierarchical, with an emperor on top and a group of unruly nobles beneath him
What was the job of the Priest in the Aztec civilization
– To please the gods, normally through sacrifice
What were achievements of the Aztecs
– The building of Tenochtitlan
– Site on the Modern-day Mexico City
– Divided and serviced by Canals
What were the floating gardens called
Chinampas provided
Food for the city of Tenochtitlan
Incan Empire
– Founded in the 13th century
– Ruled between 4 and 6 million people by the time the Spanish showed up in 1532
What held the Incan Empire together
How did the Incas keep records
– Quipus
Knotted strings used by the Incans to keep record
What was the system of Mita
– Mandatory public service in the society of the Inca Empire
– Modified and intensified by the Spanish colonial government.
When did the Spanish arrive in Mexico
When did the Spanish arrive in Peru
Philip II
– 1527-1598
– Son of Louis VII
– Reign as king of France saw wars with the English that regained control of Normandy and Anjou and most of Poitou
Spanish Armada
– 1588
– Spanish naval invasion force sent against England by Philip II of Spain
– It was defeated by the English fleet and almost completely destroyed by storms off the Hebrides.
Who were the leading producers of consumer goods until the 19th century
When did China encounter inflation
– 12th Century
– When they printed the world’s first paper money
By the 17th Century the Ming Dynasty was overthrown by
– The Manchus

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