Art Timeline Essay Example
Art Timeline Essay Example

Art Timeline Essay Example

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This sculpture was one of Mene’s most famous pieces of art work. This sculpture was first put out for viewers to see in the Paris Salon in 1952. The public went nuts over this sculpture, later this sculpture was made in three different sizes. The sculpture in my presentation is the smallest one made and is considered a miniature.

In this sculpture both horses are stallions, whereas in the original sculpture it showed a mare and a stallion. Still to this day this piece of artwork is very popular in demand. Chow Chow, 1915 by Franz ZieglerFranz F. Zeigler was born in Germany in 1869 and came to America in 1892. In the 1900’s he become contracted through Gorham Company as an artist. He produced many pieces of art work in silver designs and bronze sculptures.

In this par


ticular sculpture the Chow Chow dog was a very popular dog in the 1900’s. In the sculpture by Franz Zeigler of the Chow Chow dog he shows much detail of the dog such as the thick coat and the lion like head. This sculpture is used y the Gorham Foundry. Indian on Horseback, 1970 by J.C. Dye“J.C. Dye is a contemporary Western sculptor born in 1948, he lives in Montana and is a self taught artist” ( J.C. is highly known for his sculptures and how well modeled and detailed they are.

Almost all of his sculptures are that of the Western theme such as Native Americans, Indians, and animals. In this sculpture J.C. shows and Indian on his horse, the Indian is holding a bow and looking for something to hunt. In this particular sculpture there were only 15

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made, so if you see this sculpture know it is very rare and very popular.Bear with Jug, 1970 by E.Egan This small bronze sculpture is pretty amusing when looking at all the detail that E. Egan has put into this piece of art work. In the Bear with Jug sculpture you see the bear leaning back against a tree trunk.

This sculpture gives peace of mind because the bear looks relaxed and looks like he enjoying life to the fullest. He also looks like he is eating honey out of a honey jar that maybe he has stolen. Bears have and probably always will be popular sculptures. Polar Bear and Cub, 1973 by Wah Chang“In 1970 Wah Chang and his wife moved to northern California where he turned his hand to sculpting wildlife. He was a successful sculptor and continued to model animals and exhibits them up to a few years before his death in 2003.” ( this particular bronze sculpture is that of a mama polar bear and her cub, this sculpture shows the bond between a mother and her baby. There were only 250 of these sculptures made and is very popular in demand. Many women loved this sculpture because of the love shown between the mother polar bear and the baby. Dog and Game, 1978 by John FincherJohn Fincher was born in 1941 in Texas and is a contemporary Western artist.

He currently lives in New Mexico and is known for his paintings. This sculpture is that of a Setter dog carrying a pheasant in his mouth. This piece of art work is very similar to the one created by Pautrot, and is often

used as a study piece. This sculpture is popular to those who like to hunt by using dogs to retrieve their prey. Bear, 1978 by M. Riley AustinM.

Riley Austin is an American sculptor who loved to model animals. In this sculpture he has made it where the bear is standing by a log. The Bear looks more human like than a lot of other sculptures that he created. The bear is roaring up on his back legs and looking around curiously. Larger bears will stand on their back hind legs so they can see farther away in search of their prey.

This could either be a Grizzly Bear or a Kodiak bear. This sculpture is number 112 out of 1500. Pintail Ducks, 1970 by Chris Lecter“Chris Lecter is a contemporary American sculptor specializing in wildfowl.” ( this sculpture is a very well modeled piece of art work of two Pintail Ducks resting. The male in this sculpture is looking after his mate while she is fluffing her feathers. This sculpture is number 4 of 35. Wood Duck, 1980 by Ron Herron“Ron Herron is a contemporary American sculptor specializing in wildlife. He was born in Montana and his career spans over 40 years.” (www. this sculpture is that of a bronze wood duck and is very well detailed, showing all the feathers among the duck. This sculpture is number 3 of 40. Labrador Pup and Duck, 1981 by Bob WinshipBob Winship currently lives in Minnesota and is a contemporary American sculptor.

He specializes in hunting, including ducks and dogs. In all of his sculptures they are very well detailed and stand out to everyday life. This piece of

art work shows the Labrador pup looking at his job of duck hunting. This sculpture is one of Bob Winship’s earlier sculptures and is dated 1981. This sculpture is loved by many, but that especially of bird hunters. This particular bronze sculpture has won many awards.

Elephant, 1983 by Dick CrossDick Cross currently lives in Oregon and is a contemporary sculptor. Dick is known for his bronze sculptures of Harley Davidson motorcycles and his depictions of animals. This sculpture is that of an elephant who is very happy. “This happy elephant is titled “Jingle Baby” and shows a young African Elephant playing with a palm frond which he is holding over his head.” ( the colors on this sculpture truly embraces this piece of art work. The Elephant is grey, the palm frond is green, and the base is brown.

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