Advertising Is Legalized Lying

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Are the advertised products as useful as they are presented to be? Furthermore, are the advertisements trustworthy at first place? Inquiries like these that we need to consider before buying anything we’ve seen in ads. Advertisements are often placed anywhere an audience can easily or frequently access visual, audio and printed information. Most of the potential consumers look at the products offered by the media and assume that these items would be effective and useful. Moreover, people who create the ads have realized the guaranteed impact of showing young and attractive commercial faces on the audience.

Ads that deceive the purchasers should be avoided. Some software plays very important role in deceiving people on magazines, Adobe Photoshop is one of them. It is an advanced application and has many purposes in the world of advertising technology. This tool is used mostly in the advertisement industry for retouching images. Cover Girl magazines are the perfect example. They always display women with perfection on their face, which is a result of the magazines being edited by the software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Women are familiar with Cover Girl magazines ads’ delivering beautiful women, who wear cover irl cosmetics, come in all shades and sizes. The pages of the magazine plaster faces of people who look flawless. I believe these perfect faces would not look like what it looked like before they retouched it. However, this means that the advertisement gives a fake picture of a person, and therefore deceives people by signifying that using Cover Girl product could make them as perfect as the cover magazine girls. Advertisers usually hired quality models to be employed in advertising.

An advertisement on the television, such as Cross Crunch, shows how to achieve a beautiful abs quickly. This advertisement uses a fantastic, good-looking, energetic and young model face. According to me, the criteria for which she was hired were her perfect body structure, her physical qualities and appearance, and the irresistible smile on her face. The intent of the advertising company was to find an ideal body image to assure the audience of the positive effect of the product and attract them as potential customers.

This advertisement has a tendency to point out quickly the achieved results and guaranteed satisfaction of the customers. It is a thoughtful purposed in the sale of any advertised products in the commercial world. Moreover, people are more likely to purchase the product, if there is added effectiveness and easy appliance, cheap price and good face to it. However, reporters have said that such products mentioned above are likely to be ineffective for many people. Advertisers deliberately use words to overly influence consumers. In some cigarette advertisements, they say they are selling addictive free cigarettes.

For instance, WINSTON Cigarettes brand, the ad promotes to people of so-called addictive-free brands like American Spirit. This is definitely intended to attract the smokers, and this type of advertisements should be erased from media. In fact, I strongly suggest that this brand should not be sold in markets as it might encourage people to purchase it. Since the ad says “addictive-free” cigarettes, they thought it advertisement. In our common sense though, even to smoke any addictives-free tobacco do not mean a safer cigarette, because it is still smoking anyway.

Furthermore, it is proven by the cigarette market value ranking that 2. 9 percentages used most often on Winston brand. American Cancer Society concludes that every cigarette definitely contains nicotine, which is the addictive drug, found in substantial mounts in all forms of cigarettes. Although advertising is one of the assets in the development of a countrys capital inflow and the future progress of a company, I believe that it is not a very honest way to make money on the behalf of deceived customers.

The advertising company argues that it is how they do their business and where they get their income from, whether the product they are selling works or not. I think there should be better ways of exhibiting the products and convincing the customers that it really works. It is extremely unreasonable to create unrealistic images of products in order to sell them t a higher price on the market. Unfortunately, that is how the present reality functions on the market level, and there is a little possibility to be changed in the near future.

It all comes toa personal level of reasoning and choosing how, where and what to sacrifice in order to obtain a possession over certain items or commodities. In conclusion, advertising uses many tricks to take advantage of their trade. There are many strategic ways in which advertising could fool people. In addition, the advertiser might pretend that the product they are advertising is “something else”, it s possible they are only playing tricks to profit.

However, I still think that the model plays an important role in advertising, because they are the key to attract interest. It is the way they influence by giving the false impression that the product is beneficial. From what I have mentioned on the body paragraphs, a little thought will lead us to notice that if an advertising business had mentioned the bad effect of their product in advertising, they would have faced bankruptcy. I would like to give a wake up call for online shoppers: do not expect too much of advertisements that sound too good to be true!

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