Advantages And Disadvantages Of Longevity Sociology Essay Example
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Longevity Sociology Essay Example

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Longevity Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: July 25, 2017
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The dramatic addition in mean life anticipation during the 20th century ranks as one of societys greatest accomplishments. While most babes born in 1900 did non unrecorded yesteryear age 50, life anticipation at birth now exceeds 83 old ages in Japan and is at least 81 old ages in several other states ( United Nations, 2011 ) . Life anticipation is increasing so fast that half the babes born in 2007 will populate to be at least 103, while half the Nipponese babes born in the same twelvemonth will make the age of 107 ( Boseley, 2009 ) . It is certain that people are glad to populate a longer life since length of service is the chase of most worlds. However, length of service has besides caused a batch of jobs to society, such as fiscal load, deficiency of res


ources and so on. This essay is to discourse both the advantages and disadvantages of the fact that people are populating a longer life so that a clear image of the state of affairs is shown.

The advantages of length of service can be seen from both persons and the society.

As for persons, length of service has ever been considered as a sort of hoarded wealth and luck. And wisdom is normally linked with the senior. Death has ever been regarded as something terrorization and most people want to populate a long life. Living longer means one can remain with his or her household longer and bask a happy ulterior life. Peoples spend most of their life working and taking attention of their household. So it is simple common sense that people deserve a healthy an

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peaceable old age after the sum of paid work. Some people die without basking a pleasant dusk old ages, which is a great commiseration. On the other manus, that people live longer provides an chance for their kids to return the attention they have received from parents. As a expression goes, the tree may hunger composure, but the air current will non drop and the off springs want to back up but for the non-existent households. It is a hurting and womb-to-tomb sorrow for many people. With parents populating thirster, kids can hold more clip to remain with and demo filial regard to them. So longevity helps to advance the harmonious relationship among household members.

As for society, length of service allows people to lend more to the universe with their endowment and wisdom. So many outstanding scientists and bookmans and other elites died with sorrow that they could non carry through their program. For illustration, Zhu Shenghao, a gifted Chinese transcriber of Shakespeare 's plants, passed off at the age of 32 due to illness. If he could populate longer, there might be more Chinese versions of Shakespeare and more people could appreciate the Chinese interlingual rendition art. Another illustration is the early decease of English poets such as Byron who died at 36, Shelley at 29 and Keats at 25. All of them are supremely gifted and great hoarded wealth to the academe but die so immature. When their verse forms are read by people presents in modern clip, their rich endowment can still raise great esteem. What a commiseration it is for the universe to witness the loss of so many extraordinary endowments.

Since people are basking a longer life now, scientists can detect and contrive more, bookmans can compose more and creative persons can compose more. Therefore, people populating longer can do more parts to the universe.

Furthermore, concern markets can besides profit from the world that people live longer. Traditionally, it is believed that a individual has three major periods of life: childhood, maturity and old age. However, old age is now germinating into two sections, a 3rd age ( immature old ) and a 4th age ( oldest old ) . Recognition of the older population as a major market for concern is get downing, as evidenced by an increasing figure of articles about the `` silver market. '' Because a great trade of wealth is held by the older population and the figure of seniors is increasing comparative to other age groups, it makes sense for concern to plan merchandises appealing to the older market, and to direct advertisement to them. Consumption by the older population can excite the economic system. The economic power of older grownups besides can move as a force to alter the ageist stereotypes frequently perpetuated by advertisement ( Uhlenberg, 2013 ) . In add-on, since old people need to be taken attention of, more nursing places need to be built. This offers more occupations so that the unemployment can be reduced and societal stableness can be maintained.

Therefore, it is good to both persons and the society with people populating longer from the position presented above.

The Disadvantages of Longevity

The most obvious disadvantage of length of service people are confronting now is the aging job. The U.N. Population Division undertakings that people

older than age 60 will increase from merely less than 800 million in 2011 ( 11 per centum of universe population ) to more than 2 billion in 2050 ( 22 per centum ) . That is to state, by 2050, about a one-fourth of the universe population will be the aged. When walking in the street, one old individual out of four will be seen. In a universe with low birthrate, low mortality, and restricted in-migration, states must cover with the world of holding 20 per centum or 30 per centum of their populations older than age 65 ( Uhlenberg, 2013 ) . The aging population causes a series of jobs to the society.

First of all, old people have to be taken attention of, which leave great load to their household every bit good as the society. Harmonizing to an article published in the journal Corporate Adviser, MGM Advantage calculates the current degree of one-year family outgo where the chief resident is aged 75 and over at more than ?6,000. So if person lived until they were 100, between their 75th and 100th birthday non including rising prices, they would necessitate to happen around ?400,000 to populate. This, combined with falling rente rates, will take to more pensionaries falling below the poorness line. ( Corporate Adviser 2011 ) Though that people live longer is good intelligence, the fact that should non be neglected is that this has a immense fiscal load on people. The great force per unit area to back up old parents may take to the clefts of relationship between kids and parents. There are studies about old people who can non

afford to populate in nursing places and have no kid to trust on. So it is the duty of the authorities to assist the old. In developed states, where ague attention and institutional long-term-care services are widely available, the usage of medical attention services by grownups rises with age, and per capita outgos on health care are comparatively high among older age groups. Consequently, the lifting proportion of older people topographic points upward force per unit area on overall health care disbursement in the developed universe ( Kinsella, Beard and Suzman, 2013 ) .

Second, length of service does non necessary average wellness. The rate of acquiring illness additions with the growing of old age. In malice of the progresss in medical engineering, there are still many diseases that can non be treated expeditiously. For illustration, the prevalence of dementedness additions dramatically with age, and the jutting costs of caring for the turning Numberss of people with dementedness are dashing. The World Alzheimer Report 2012 ( Alzheimer 's Disease International, 2012 ) estimates that the entire worldwide cost of dementedness exceeded US $ 600 billion in 2010, including informal attention provided by household and others, societal attention provided by community attention professionals, and direct costs of medical attention. An Australian survey has estimated that around 10 per centum of the expected addition in healthcare costs anticipated over the following 20 old ages will be due to this status entirely ( Vos, et al. , 2007 ) .

In add-on, longer life anticipation and lower birthrate rate may take to miss of immature working forces. The universe with less immature people will go less vigorous. And the increasing

population is disputing the tolerance of the planet people are populating on for most of the resources people are devouring are non-renewable. So it is pressing for human existences to make the best to protect the environment and salvage energy. Otherwise, length of service will go nonmeaningful if one can non populate with contentment

Therefore, longer life anticipation of human existences creates load to society and environment. However, the jobs can be dealt with if people around the universe work together.


Both the advantages and disadvantages of length of service have been discussed in item above in this essay. Overall, the advantages of longer life span outweigh its disadvantages. It is obvious that though longer life anticipation puts load on the society and environment, the jobs caused can be tackled with the joint attempts made by people and it is pressing for human existences to make the best to salvage the environment and happen out solution to the troubles caused by the larger and larger population on the planet. On the other manus, the benefits both people and the universe can acquire from the phenomenon of people populating longer are unreplaceable and undeniable. It is the truth that length of service is a symbol of civilisation and better life.

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