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Cause &amp Essay Example

Cause &amp Essay Example

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  • Published: March 13, 2017
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Behavior that contradicts societal guidelines and is rejected by a societal group is referred to as deviant behavior. A prominent instance of such behavior is presented by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. This duo embarked on a horrific killing spree, murdering twelve scholars and one educator, while inflicting injuries on twenty-one others. Following their heinous deeds, they took their own lives. They were also victims of constant bullying in their school. A friend of this unsettling pair recounted, "Jocks hurled human fetus at them". Additionally, the two youngsters were associated with a sinister group known as the "Trench coat Mafia". There were numerous signs leading up to this gruesome event.

The males created domestic video footages, dubbed the Basement Tapes, where they role-played as the dominants, shouting racial insults and feigning the act of killing others. An organization known as


TAG, or Threat Assessment Group is undertaking an in-depth analysis of the homicides, trying to figure out what sparked this murderous intent in the boys. They are set to conduct a post-mortem psychological evaluation on Eric and Dylan. TAG aims to study extensively about the deceased's history, character traits, habits, and warning signals. Despite the parents of the perpetrators asserting that their kids led content and ordinary lives, it's clear that joyous and typical high school seniors don’t attempt to massacre their peers.

TAG begins by initiating conversations with individuals who were present on the murder day, acquaintances of the murderers, essentially anyone who had any knowledge about the murderers. TAG is inquisitive about whether the boys operated solo during the shootings, their specific gestures and demeanors throughout the killings, whether they exhibited any humor or laughter,

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or if they communicated in a chillingly composed tone. They are paying attention to every minute detail, even as minor as whether the boys took a sip of any beverage during the massacre. TAG emphasizes that there are certain warning signs leading up to a mass murder. These signs include threats, mentions of mass murders, fascination with law enforcement and military, comments related to weaponry, stalking activities, signs of depression, and excessive unreasonableness.

A consensus was reached amongst many individuals that there were numerous red flags exhibited by both young men. Klebold had been enrolled in a juvenile diversion program prior to the event at Columbine. TAG suggests that there were also glaring indicators of the boys' desperate pleas for help. These alarm signals included suicide, desire for fame, revenge and intense anger. For instance, when his girlfriend ended their relationship, Eric feigned suicide as a ploy to make her visit him. His persona also underwent a drastic transformation during his high school years. He was medicated with Luvox, an antidepressant drug. His attitude grew increasingly cynical and TAG surmises that he may have even exhibited symptoms of a mood disorder.

According to TAG, their observation led them to believe that a sense of reassessment engendered anger and sadness turned into depression in these boys. A critical moment for TAG came when one of Eric's classmates reported that Eric often articulated a recurring dream in their psychology class in which he entered the school and started shooting, and the dream consistently concluded with him blowing up the school. Despite Harris and Klebold coming from what their families described as very normal homes and having loving, typical

families, they were not involved in this study. TAG also found it exceedingly complicated to carry out their studies due to the numerous ongoing lawsuits.

The mothers and fathers of the two children remained oblivious to countless red flags exhibited by them. Both kids indulged in violent video games and favoured watching the twisted film, Natural Born Killers. Before joining high school, the boys appeared to be regular, intelligent, and sports-loving children. Uniquely, neither of them participated in any formally organized sports at Columbine High School. Klebold and Harris maintained journals where they detailed their experiences of extreme bullying. Just three days prior to the horrifying Columbine Massacre, Klebold participated in the senior prom. Harris was eager to enlist in the US Marines but was denied entry just days before the massacre took place.

TAG contemplates that a certain event might have been the catalyst, leading to his misadventures. The boys' original drive originated in rage, melancholy, retribution, and thoughts of suicide. According to TAG, social engagement is fundamental in shaping our lives. Social involvement refers to the extended period of childhood dependence among human beings, allowing them to grasp cultural intricacies via affectionate human interaction. Unfortunately, both Harris and Klebold seemed to lack these vital social engagement skills. They felt out of place at their school, an institution that ideally should serve as a central ground for social engagement. Also, despite their familial backdrop appearing to be typical; this observation cannot be confirmed with certainty.

The fact that kids are fabricating amateur bombs and wreaking havoc in home videos brings into question the normality of their existence. They were typically associated with groups of similarly disturbed youths,

maybe not as extreme as Harris and Klebold, but who had also faced comparable traumatic experiences, such as the Trench Coat Mafia. It is a firmly established statistic that if a horrific event such as this receives widespread media attention, authorities anticipate another violent outburst within a fortnight. The T.A.G. group affirms the theory that elements like elevated status, admiration, dramatic suicide, and the subsequent legacy are possible motivating factors. The social alienation and aberrant conduct exhibited by Harris and Klebold were crucial in their downfall.

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