Academic Excellence Essay Example
Academic Excellence Essay Example

Academic Excellence Essay Example

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  • Published: November 13, 2017
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In this era of globalization, a good education is very important for each and everyone of us in order to have a better and successful life in the future. Students in school and college have always been reminded to strive for excellence in their academic so that they can graduate with flying colors and can easily get a better Job compare to those who did not did well in their academic. In my opinion, academic excellence does guarantees a successful life.

Here are some of my reason for why academic excellence guarantees a successful life. First of all, a person with high education can easily decide what they want in their life compare to the person with low education because how educated we are influence the decision making in our life. Being well educated too gives us the


advantage to choose a good career because through our education, we can identify our own capabilities and what we are really good at.

Secondly, a person who have graduated from university are guaranteed to get a better career and good salary compare to the person who did not finish their studies. A person who have owned their diploma or degree certificate have a higher opportunity to get the Job than a person who did not owned any of the certificate and only depend on their Job experience. This is because it shows that the person with the certificate have a better understanding and is capable of finishing a given task with less doubt than the person with no certificate at all.

Finally, a person who are well educated guarantees to have a better life compare t

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the person who only depends on their looks and talent. Good looks and talent may be an assets for certain people to be successful, however good looks can fade away anytime as it is not permanent while of course talent is a big part, but you need to be really lucky for example to get good opportunities to success.

Whereas high knowledge will always remain in you no matter how old you get or how lucky you are because with education there's no limitation in what can we do. In conclusion, I do agree that excellence academic guarantees a successful life because not only education can influence us to a better decision making in life but it also can guarantees us to get better career and remain in us for eternal.

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