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7 Daughters 7 Sons Essay The book, 7 Daughters 7 Sons by Barbara Cohen, BahiJa Lovejoy, is a good piece of literature. This book is about a girl named Buran, who has to live in a far away city to save the lives of her poor family and her sick dad. In this essay, I am going to explain why I think this book is a good piece of literature. First, I am going to choose a character and explain if it’s a round or flat character. I will explain my opinion with evidence of the book. Next, I will be explaining the plot structure of the book. I will also be using evidence of the book.

Finally, I am going to explain the conflict of the story. I will be explaining the main conflict with evidence of the story. I will also explain the type of conflict using evidence of the story. This is how I will be explaining my thesis. In this paragraph, I will chose a character of the story, and explaining if it’s a round or flat character and if it’s a static or dynamic character. The character that I choose is Buran. In my opinion, she is a round character. I think she is a round character because round characters are usually the protagonist.

Buran is the protagonist of the tory. Next, round characters change as the story progresses. In page 1 1 5. it says “At that moment, I realized I knew no more than I that I had known before. In that page, it talks about how Nassir played with Muhammad a game of chess. Nassir won that game, because she knew how to play chess. We learn that she is really good at playing chess. Buran is also a dynamic character. She changes a lot since the beginning of the story. In the beginning of the story, she plays the role as a poor girl who is apparently good in chess.

Then, when the conflict begins to show up, Buran now plays the role of a man named Nassir who is the richest person. His friends get suspicious and try to figure out if Nassir was a man or a woman. They started to test her. Inn page 153. It mentions some tests like “They took me to the vaults and urged me to admire the Jewels” This is the two types of character that I think Buran plays in the story. In this paragraph, I will be talking about the plot structure in the story. The exposition is that it introduces the main characters which are: Buran, the 6 sister, mom, dad. It also mentions the setting of the story which is Burans’ house.

The triggering action is that she is at her house playing chess, and her uncle comes to brag about Muhammad, The rising actions are that first, her dad gets sick, so she has to go find work in a faraway place. She changes to a man named Nassir . She leaves in a caravan and meets Jihha. Next, she sets a shop in a tyre with Jihha, and meets Muhammad. Finally, they become good friends, and Muhammad suspects that Nassir isn’t a man, and is given some tests to see if she is a man or women. The climax of the story is that Mahhamusd finds out that Buran is a woman. She has already left to

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