What Do Expect in English 101 Essay Example
What Do Expect in English 101 Essay Example

What Do Expect in English 101 Essay Example

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  • Published: August 27, 2017
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Benjamin Franklin's quote, "Either write something deserving reading or make something worth composing," highlights the importance of reading in our daily lives. Through the English 101 course at the University of the Virgin Islands, I aspire to improve my vocabulary and passion for reading, despite previously lacking interest due to a lack of influence from family or peers. Although frustrated as a first-year student playing catch-up, I am determined to challenge myself by exploring magazines, newspapers, novels, and especially poems. My ultimate goal is to relate with those who cherish reading for its ability to transport them to new places and teach them new things. While fiction books allow me to escape into magical worlds, I understand that loving


reading makes everything possible - dreams come true and imagination takes flight. To build my own vocabulary foundation instead of relying solely on assignments from my professor, I plan on following Malcolm X's example by learning new words through dictionary readings.

Despite my love for poetry, my limited vocabulary has hindered me from expressing it. Nonetheless, I am determined to improve and have decided to study Latin as well as read magazines, books, and solve puzzles to expand my lexicon. My objectives in this course are twofold: to deepen my passion for literature and augment my vocabulary. I acknowledge that the responsibility of achieving these goals falls not solely on my professor but on myself as well.

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