Web Services and Web Engineering Essay Example
Web Services and Web Engineering Essay Example

Web Services and Web Engineering Essay Example

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  • Published: August 28, 2018
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Web services are being increasingly managed through the web engineering technology which is basically a system and methodology for managing large-scale web services. Web engineering evolved as a result of complexities and problems associated with the development of web applications related to their maintainability, quality and reliability. Web engineering serves as a solution to this problem and enables the systematic development of web-based systems and applications.

These applications define the tools and techniques for the design and implementation of web applications. Web engineering consists of many other fields within itself like systems analysis and design, software engineering, user interface, testing, modeling and testing etc. Web engineering has been designed to meet the unique requirements of web application development. The widened use of internet technology has led to the need for the development of complex web applications for suppo


rting the end users which requires web engineering methodologies.Thus, web engineering has been essentially evolved to support the numerous web services and process of application development (Pressman and Lowe 2008). System Integration Bringing together different sub-systems into one integrated unit is meant by systems integration.

This is done so that the sub-systems function together as one integrated system. These sub-systems refer to the computer systems and software applications which have been linked together to perform better than their sub-components.This is actually done by joining their interfaces together so that their overall functioning improves. This have added value to the operations of the systems enabling them to exhibit better capabilities.

With the growth of internet technology, the world has become more connected than ever before thereby increasing the role and importance of systems integration. New as well as old system

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are being connected together so that they are able to perform better functions than before.The person who is responsible for effective systems integration is called Systems integrator or a systems integrating engineer who needs to have a breadth of skills for performing this task efficiently because if the systems are not properly connected and integrated then they can cause troubles for the organization. They might use different methods of integration like vertical integration, star integration and horizontal integration. To obtain greater benefits from the use of internet technology, systems integration becomes an important tool for offices and corporations today (Precipe, Davies and Hobbay 2005).

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