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As a young budding engineer, I always dreamt to contribute to the society In the most unconventional way. As my research suggested that the numerous applications of Mathematics are In the field of science and Engineering, I enrolled for an undergraduate program in Electronics and Telecommunication at Panel School of Technology and Management Engineering, . Currently, I am in the final year of my under-graduation in Electronics and Telecommunication. I was introduced to a variety of courses like Digital Time Signal processing, Probability and Stochastic process, Integration and Derivatives.

I was enthralled and wished to blend engineering, programming with core mathematical functions. In order to get well versed with programming, I took my final year project on building management systems. The goal of the project was to design a safety system to be installed in the building to avoid any robbery or fire or loss of any important documents. The system is designed using the software . I also designed microelectronic based fire alarm systems using the microelectronic .

Impressed with my technical skills, I was appointed as an undergraduate intern at where I developed and designed data acquisition system and furnace management systems. My dad, a stock analyst is my role model and I was very much fascinated in Indian Stock Exchange and Force at very young age. Once In my undergraduate years he explained the inter blending of engineering and the field of finance. He motivated me to watch a video underlying the key aspects, concepts and applications of financial engineering.

I was passionate to learn more and hence started reading material online. I feel Finance is at the top of the hierarchy and Is the most Important component comprising of all the different layers of today’s business world. I am really fascinated In how the different economies of the world work and progress to achieve their goals every year. I wish to be a part of this enormous business society but my Limited knowledge gained through the course work, projects and additional reading, has whetted my desire for more. Shaped my fantasy and life on this famous adage by White. Though financial engineering courses were not part of my core engineering curriculum, I wish to go against the odds and achieve my dreams and hence closely followed a lot of online lectures so that I am well versed with the basics. The deep driving desire to study about risk management, derivative pricing model and Monte Carlo analysis convinced me to enroll for a certified course in Financial Engineering.

Finally, I aspire to grow in knowledge and contribute to this expanding field and hence would like to update myself with the latest in the field of financial engineering by pursuing a graduate program from your venerated University. The years at Panel School of Technology and Management Engineering has helped to nurture varied facets of my personality. I have developed various management, communication and interpersonal skills by participating and organizing a lot of technical and cultural events. I had immense passion for cricket, football and basketball and have played key role in inter collegiate success of the college team.

I also believe that ‘Education is the key to a great future’ and in my leisure time frequent visit poor and needy children of rural areas and teach them basics of English language. To conclude, I have realized my desire to pursue a graduate program in Financial Engineering from University of Southern California. With such ambitions, passion and interest I would be highly obliged if I could be a part of Financial Engineering group as that would add wings to my dreams. I assure you that my hard work, sincerity and enthusiasm would be an asset to your University.

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