Vision for a Nation Essay Example
Vision for a Nation Essay Example

Vision for a Nation Essay Example

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  • Published: March 27, 2018
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Vision for nation

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There is a vision of our land that has persisted over three millennia and is ingrained in the heart and soul of every citizen. A vision of a land, resplendent, beautiful, safe from violence, disease and famine and a land where the tolerant and compassionate philosophy of the Buddha guides human interaction. But today, the ecomomic and political winds from without and within, seek to blow us further and further from this course.
The future for our children develops into the proportions of a nightmare. We have brought mindless violence upon ourselves and upon the very land itself. From the top of Siri Pada to the coast in the four directions the nation grows increasingly barren. The rivers run our precious topsoil to the sea. The cities and industries turn the very air


we breathe into poison. The cancer that has been released on the country as ‘mindless progress’ now visits our homes as cancers, emphysema, and other non-communicable diseases, in disturbing numbers.
Driven by the hate filled words that comprise politicking today, blinded by consumerist greed, we have fallen on each other, son against father, mother against daughter to splinter the family, the home, the village and the nation that once took so much pride in equanimity and compassion. If we are to survive, the mantra has to change, ‘Looking after number one’ the mantra of consumerist development, has to be replaced by ‘Looking after everyone’. In the society of the thug and criminal, single individuals are easier prey than organized communities.
In such a degrading society, if there is no vision of a future

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there is no hope for for tomorrow.
Thus, we must create a vision based upon our needs, but also reflected in the context of the goals of the ‘New World’ unfolding before us. We must create a vision that sees us an important actor in this emerging future, contributing as a responsable member of the world community.
A vision is not a set of economic...

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