Tonix Health Recruitment Opportunities New Zealand And Australia Tourism
Tonix Health Recruitment Opportunities New Zealand And Australia Tourism

Tonix Health Recruitment Opportunities New Zealand And Australia Tourism

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  • Published: October 30, 2017
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If so, so talk to Tonix Health Recruitment. With work and household committednesss we know that happening the nursing, midwives ODP occupations abroad that you desire is n’t ever easy, so allow us happen them for you!

With our extended cognition and experience in wellness sectors within New Zealand and the United Kingdom our squad of professional wellness enlisting specializers will non merely happen a suited arrangement for you but besides assist in conveying you and your household to New Zealand.

It is our purpose to supply you with the right lucifer of work and lifestyle balance and that is why we will supply you with your ain dedicated adviser to help you throughout the full passage procedure. Not merely that b


ut we besides offer:

New Zealand has a big figure of Registered Nurse, Midwife, Mental Health and ODP occupations available in both rural and urban locations. The broad assortment of lifestyle chances has seen many British Healthcare professionals realise the benefits of traveling here, non merely for themselves but besides their households.

At Tonix Health Recruitment we ‘ve made it our occupation to happen New Zealand wellness employment chances for you so that you can be on your manner to basking these benefits excessively!

Because of our close relationships with many of New Zealand ‘s wellness suppliers, we will guarantee that you are looked after during each measure of the procedure and that besides includes the move from the UK.

It is our purpose to fit your expertness and accomplishments with the many occupations available within New Zealand ‘s wellness system. So if you are looking for international nursing occupations fill out our enquiry signifier today to register your involvement to work in New Zealand or for more information read our Endorsements from satisfied clients who are now basking nursing in NZ.

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Tonix is a good established and popular medical enlisting bureau based in New Zealand. Our skilled and experient advisers will work with you to guarantee you receive the best support possible throughout your enlisting procedure.

To do an application for nursing occupations overseas register your inside informations with us and within 48 hours a Tonix adviser will be in touch. If you are abroad, chink here to see the clip difference.

Below we have provided some guidelines to do the application procedure easier for you.

Curriculum Vitae ( CV ) / Resume

Send us your CV / Resume electronically by either subjecting it on-line with your application or with an electronic mail.

We do inquire that you include ( where possible ) the names of at least 2 referees ( one of which should be your current director ) . With your permission we will

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reach your referees before showing your CV / Resume to infirmaries or wellness attention suppliers. Please note that we may besides reformat your CV and add your Tonix adviser ‘s contact inside informations.

Using More Than One Agent

Due to the little size of New Zealand Tonix along with other enlisting bureaus work with the same wellness suppliers to happen nursing occupations, so because of this we do inquire that you let us cognize if you are doing direct applications or utilizing another bureau.

Information from the Councils / Registration Boards

Depending on the place you are using for information will be sent to you from either:

The New Zealand Nursing Council

New Zealand Midwifery Registration Board or ;

ODP Registration Board

To get down processing, delight guarantee that you complete and return any requested paperss to them every bit shortly as possible.

Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition ( TTMR ) Agreement

If you hold a New Zealand or Australian enrollment in one of the undermentioned professions so you can use for a enrollment under the TTMR understanding in either state. This will assist guarantee that your application is processed in a timely mode:

registered nurse

registered mental wellness nurse

registered accoucheuse

registered ODP

The Tonix Process

Once your enrollment has been established with the relevant enrollment boards in NZ, your Tonix adviser will:

Arrange a phone interview at a clip that suits you

Send the interview guidelines along with:

A transcript of the occupation description

Detailss of your interview panel ( there may be more than one individual nowadays ) and ;

Confirmation of the interview day of the month and clip

Once you have had a successful interview a occupation offer and get down day of the month ( negotiated on your behalf by Tonix ) , will be presented to you

You can so get down the New Zealand Immigration application procedure for your visa to work and populate in NZ ( a occupation offer and grounds of your New Zealand Registration is a demand for this procedure to be finalised )

Note: All appliers using for places within the NZ community must keep a current drivers licence.

If you would wish any aid with any of our procedures or processs or for more information on our nursing occupations delight make non waver to reach our medical enlisting bureau today. Our Freephone from the UK is 0800 028 4801.

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The Tonix Health Recruitment Team

Our squad of seven vibrant, sparkling professionals, have extended experience in the New Zealand wellness enlisting industry along with extended cognition in international occupations, peculiarly in the Fieldss of mental wellness nursing, registered nursing and obstetrics. We besides have a sound apprehension of the functions of ODP ‘s.

Our Christchurch and Auckland offices guarantee easy entree for registered international mental wellness nurses, registered nurses, accoucheuse and ODPs geting into these two chief metropoliss when get downing occupations in New Zealand.

One of our friendly squad members below will work closely with yourself and the many wellness suppliers throughout New Zealand to happen the right arrangement for you.

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Are you sing nursing occupations overseas? Make New Zealand your finish of pick, there are many full or portion

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