American History 1492-1800 Essay Example
American History 1492-1800 Essay Example

American History 1492-1800 Essay Example

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  • Published: February 3, 2017
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Below is a summary of a nursing study. Read the summary and then answer the factual questions that follow:

Singleton investigated the behaviors of nursing students in crisis or emergency situations. She was interested in comparing the behaviors of students from baccalaureate versus diploma programs to determine the adequacy of the preparation given to students in handling emergencies. Fifty students from both types of programs agreed to participate in the study and signed a form agreeing that their participation was voluntary. The study was described to them as an assessment of their nursing skills: the investigator wanted to observe reactions to crises as they might occur naturally, so participants were not told the exact nature of the study. Each student was instructe


d to take the vital signs of a "patient" and to record the information.

The "patient," who was described as another student but who in fact was Singleton’s confederate, simulated an epileptic seizure while the vital signs were being taken. A research assistant, who did not know the educational background of the subjects, observed the timeliness and appropriateness of the students' responses to the situation. Participants filled out a demographic form, but these forms did not record their names. Immediately after participation, the students were debriefed about the nature of the study and were paid a $10 stipend. a. Were the study procedures reviewed by an IRB or other ethics review group? b. . Are the study participants in this study “vulnerable subjects”? c. Was coercion used in this study?

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