Breaking Into Tjx Company Essay Example
Breaking Into Tjx Company Essay Example

Breaking Into Tjx Company Essay Example

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  • Published: January 10, 2018
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One thing that was notice was the TJX company security controls had not yet been put into place. The kiosk computers cause problems because they were not secured, and the firewalls did not protect against the viruses that could be brought in.

Web encryption systems were used by TJX encryption systems is relatively easy for hackers to gain access to information. Firewalls that had been purchased by TJX were not correctly installed, and they were not the correct software to use on their computers, the wireless computers they used were not protected at all not even by the data encryption.

What tools and technology could have been use to fix the weaknessSecurity problems that he TJX organizations were having could have been handled differently, kiosk computers security could have been upgraded since these computers were used to acces


s internal networks that the corporation depended on. Firewalls needed to be installed so that the viruses could not get to the kiosk computers that help the corporation.

Firewalls and data encryption needed to be installed in TJ ask computers that had wireless networks. To prevent security problems firewall software was needed, it also needs to be installed properly for it to work.

What was the business effect of TJX data loss on TJX, consumers, and banksWithout any doubts TJX was affected by its loss of data, this includes their customers, and partners, as well as their banks. Lawsuits were being filed against TJX due to the loss of personal data; these lawsuits could very well cost TJX over $1 billion dollars, and could last up to five years. Beginning in July 2005, TJX experienced a massive intrusion into its computer systems

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this resulted into the largest data security breach in history. In fact the breach affected approximately 94,000,000 accounts.

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